Monthly Archives: January 2008

SeaMonkey Council Restructuring

As the SeaMonkey project is nearly three years old now, the project leadership team known as the “SeaMonkey Council” is being restructured a bit to reflect current reality in project contribution more closely.
Chris Thomas (CTho), who has been on the team from the beginning has declared to step back from his position in the Council due to time restrictions and many of his original targets with SeaMonkey being already met in the project. He will continue to help with the project, but not in an official capacity. At this time, the SeaMonkey team wants to thank Chris for his contributions to the project and express the hope to see continuing contributions he’s making to the project.
The addition of three other long-time contributors to the team more than compensates for that, making the SeaMonkey Council even more agile in its role as the project leading committee:
Mark Banner (Standard8), known from address book and for his major work for porting SeaMonkey to the new toolkit, is one of those new members. The SeaMonkey MailNews lead developer, Karsten Düsterloh (Mnyromyr), joins the team as well, and Andrew Schultz (ajschult), who has been the QA lead for the project since the beginning, completes the additions to the SeaMonkey Council.
Additionally, Neil Rashbrook’s role as the code module owner and Robert Kaiser (KaiRo) acting as project coordinator and release engineer are pointed out more clearly in the new Council members list at
With this restructuring, the SeaMonkey Council hopes to fulfill its role of leading the project and managing releases even better than in the past, targeting a significantly reworked version 2 of their Internet application suite to be released in 2008.