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SeaMonkey 2.49.2 is out!

Hi everyone, Just want to announce that SeaMonkey 2.49.2 has finally been released! I do apologize for the delay. :ewong

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Not Monday, nor Tuesday..

Hi all, Just want to apologize for the delay.  Moco RelEngers have been super busy so the bouncer has to be done when one of them are available to update it. Hopefully soon.   Sorry.  No specific dates, times, or centuries… … Continue reading

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Monday…definitely Monday…

No, wait.  Tuesday.. Seriously speaking though (or writing, as is this case), the update verifications are done and now, I’m just waiting for the resolution of the bouncer before I can continue.  In hindsight, I should’ve filed that bouncer bug … Continue reading

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Kinda thought it was toooo smooth.  The updates generation/checking portion of the release process totally hit an obstacle.  A code change in the updater program (something I totally missed, though am stumped as to why we didn’t encounter this for … Continue reading

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Murphy is a very very bad person…

Hi.  ’tis me again. Just going to say that the updates step failed and after struggling with it for the past day or two,  the release *should* be back on track, plus or minus a day. :ewong    

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Quick update…

I did say I was going to update everyone on the progress. All platform builds (win32, osx64, linux32 and contrib linux64) are complete.  Repacks are done for Linux32 and OSX64.  Currently doing the Win32 repacks. I believe the ETA (*emphasis … Continue reading

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Next release is 2.49.2…and..

I just (after a false start) triggered the builds for SeaMonkey 2.49.2. Theoretically speaking, there shouldn’t be any issues (touch wood) as it’s pretty much an update to the code for 2.49.1.  and with no major infra changes required, it … Continue reading

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