Monthly Archives: December 2018

Updating everyone…

Hi Everyone,

It’s been awhile since this blog was updated.  No, SeaMonkey hasn’t disappeared or gone.  We’re still plugging away at getting things done; but it’s been a very slow process, of which, we apologize.

The project is still alive and we’re all busy figuring out the whole shebang mess.

To answer a lot of people’s question: “What is going to happen to the project?  What’s in store?”

The tentative answer is: While we’re basing our release on ESR52 (with ESR60 being (afaicr) untenable),  we’re looking at a possible 2.53 or at worst, 2.57 as being the next ‘stable’ platform.

As for the ‘future’, we’re not as optimistic since a lot of our code is XUL based and a lot of the dependent code has been ripped out from the engine already.   So what you’re seeing in comm-central (and dare I even say, comm-beta) is terribly broken. [Expect an edit here, as I’m a bit out of the loop wrt the code.  I’ve been so knee deep in the infrastructure setup. ]  That said, what we will do to continue SeaMonkey is really up in the air.   Should we migrate off XUL and go quantum while trying to maintain some semblance of SeaMonkey, or should we just run as is until the engine completely fails or fork off the most stable Gecko XUL code and work on it?  [For the latter, some have said it will be the death knell for SeaMonkey as we do not have enough knowledge, expertise and resources to maintain such code.]

While this isn’t the right place to discuss this type of decision, I’m just putting it forth out in the open (in the name of transparency) so that users can think and discuss it on the newsgroups/mailing list.  After all, we are working on this project for our users (and ourselves, of course as we also do use SeaMonkey).

Thank you all for your patience and support.  It means a lot to the remaining members of the SeaMonkey dev team.

Best Regards,