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SeaMonkey 2.38

SeaMonkey 2.38 has been released. ’nuff Said. 🙂 :ewong

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Update for lists of supporters (wiki)

Unfortunately our supporters list in the wiki has become very outdated and useless, because most of  the listed persons no longer do support SeaMonkey. So I decided to rework that list, goal is to have a reliable overview what persons … Continue reading

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source tarball

To all distro-maintainers and others who need the official source tarballs, while the source tarball was available earlier, the *actual* tarball was uploaded earlier today. Please ensure your tarball has the following checksums. e1278489c5cc41e1cd87f4a01a7e5d16addea197ef5e04003459d7989bcf66a1d135f08dde7291227a9d556ad07928ed5f41d75d6e288bb68488ffd74a2657eb sha512 176647220 source/seamonkey-2.38.source.tar.xz d77b2550665a94a88c69368f4cf54833 md5 176647220 … Continue reading

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SeaMonkey 2.38..

We are currently spinning SeaMonkey 2.38 and hope to have it out soon, barring any technical difficulties. Please stay tuned. :ewong

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SeaMonkey 2.38b1 is out

Yes! It has been released! Enough said. 🙂 :ewong

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2.38b1.. coming soon..

Hi, Just a quick note to everyone. SeaMonkey 2.38b1 is shaping up very well and it should be released ‘soon’.   While I did stumble a bit at the start, the last half of the release process seems to be going … Continue reading

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SeaMonkey 2.35 Release Notes Complements

In the following some additional release information what currently still are missing at the official SeaMonkey release notes. Here you find a Google machine translation of the official SeaMonkey Website for approximately 90 languages. The result sometimes isn’t easy to … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…

…yet related. I’d like to step back from the bustle that I call “Win32build” and post something that hasn’t been done for sometime but is very much implied throughout the years. As everyone knows, we are a small team of … Continue reading

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The Next Beta…

Hi, We’re now spinning the next beta, dub “Ranch Flavor”… No.  Not really.  We’re really spinning the next beta.  It’s SeaMonkey 2.38b1. We are expecting a lot less problems, though the following issue (as of this writing) will persist: 1) … Continue reading

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I say… I say… EUREKA! This is the moment we have all been waiting for! SEAMONKEY 2.35 IS OUT! Yes.  Out!  After the long delay… we finally have a SeaMonkey release that we can call our own! Oh FRABJOUS DAY! … Continue reading

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