Monthly Archives: November 2005

SeaMonkey 1.0 beta and 1.5 alpha plans

This is taken from KaiRo’s post on netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey (but with some edits):
Our current plan [for 1.0 beta] is to get outstanding bugs marked “blocking-seamonkey1.0b+” fixed, the main thing being the new artwork being introduced and our new logo, which will be announced soon (we have decided on it, and are currently preparing all imagery needed to make builds with it available). Then we and everybody able to help will need to test/QA the hell out of those builds, and we hope we can release a Beta approx. one or two weeks after the artwork is in.
SeaMonkey 1.0 Beta is planned to be feature and hopefully L10n freeze for final – only stability, security and regression fixes should go in after that; we need even more hands and eyes on testing those and following builds, so that we can release 1.0 final shortly after Gecko 1.8 final is out.
If further security releases to 1.0 are needed, they might be called 1.0.x, while a seperate branch from the 1.0 codebase will be used to develop SeaMonkey 1.1, which should contain additional feature work, but no big restructuring. See
Bug 315212 for what we plan there.
On the other hand, “trunk” will see some big restructuring of code, targeting a migration to the new toolkit (which means at least its UI bindings and at most full XULRunner capability, though the truth might lie somewhere between those two), as well as the consolidation of SeaMonkey-specific code in the suite/ directory of the source tree and making “source L10n” possible. Along with that, things like a new icon set for the default theme (“Classic”, if it’s still called that then) and new features like the stuff from 1.1 should be seen here as well. And, of course, any improvements in core/Gecko trunk code will be available there.
As you see, lots of stuff lies ahead of us, and the project is not dead at all 🙂

Logo decision status update

Unfortunately it took longer than expected to pick a winning logo, but the choice has been made. The final logo is very similar to one of the submissions (with slight color modifications). We’re currently working with the author to create the final image, and will announce it as soon as it’s ready. The first builds with the new artwork should be available within a day of the announcement.