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Good news…bad news..

Not beating around the bush with this.  [wanted to have a catchy title… not being good with topics and all that, but.. no one cares about the title.  It’s the content..] Well, the release will be done within this week, … Continue reading

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Win32 build/repack status

The Win32 2.35 release build is done.  By ‘done’, I mean the compile and pushing to the staging area has been completed.  The actual release *isn’t* complete. The win32 2.35 l10n repacks are also done. (Again, like above, in staging … Continue reading

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update on 2.35 news

Hi, Another update on 2.35. 1) build3 was ‘somewhat’ done but needs to be rebuilt due to  some misconfiguration on my part.  It doesn’t mean that  build3 is a bust.  It isn’t.  It’s just that it’s uploading  the files to … Continue reading

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Cut….cut…. Take 3…

Wanna know what? I goofed.  I messed up… a little.  ok. A bit more than a little; but nonetheless, I pushed the wrong patch (can I squirm for an excuse?  like…  gremlins?  aliens abducted my brain temporarily…though.. I don’t think … Continue reading

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take 2…

Here’s an update to the progress… We’re doing a build 2.   What?  What happened to build 1? Build 1 went so much south, that we require a build2. So with build2, it should go as far as building the code … Continue reading

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Release progress update

Here’s an update to the progress. As was expected, the release is being hindered by compounded bustages (infrastructure code wise).  I haven’t seen what’s busting the actual build, but at the get go, the first step was busted.  That has … Continue reading

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And off we go….

The moment everyone’s waiting for. The spinning of SeaMonkey 2.35. It is a time of trepidation…  for having not spun a release since 2.33.1, and with the requirement of a lot of changes AND plus the fact that I will … Continue reading

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SeaMonkey 2.35 language packs

Unfortunately for the latest SeaMonkey 2.35 version with several security patches no language packs were available. Because my experience is that the 2.35 language packs Adrian Kalla contributed some weeks ago (and what are no longer available at his download … Continue reading

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New localized WIN32-Builds SeaMonkey 2.37 2015-08-13 07:11 available

  . On that page Adrian Kalla contributes localized installers.exe and languagepacks.xpi in various languages. Only for testing, you will use those builds on your own risk.

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Win32 l10n repacks back…

Hi, After much confusion (still finding my way around), I *think* the repacks are ‘working’ (for some loose definition since I don’t know what ‘working’ is considering I don’t know what it was before it went pear-shape). That said:;O=D … Continue reading

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