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New available

Build details: Built of mozilla-esr38 + THUNDERBIRD_38_VERBRANCH. Note Official 2.35 release will be built off mozilla-release 38 (Probably 38.0.6) DOM Inspector built off changeset 80c195824f1e. Version shows as 2.0.16pre. I have uploaded 2.0.16 to AMO so SeaMonkey should update to … Continue reading

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Improvements for the Blog

News from the machinery compartment I am happy that we now have the blog. After some weeks experience with it, we should think about some improvements. Most of the following suggestions are also discussed in Bug 1147825 – (meta) Revive SeaMonkey … Continue reading

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First WIN SeaMonkey 2.35 Nightly Build available

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New WIN32 Trunk Nightly available

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On proceeding forward…

I have the required piece of the puzzle to get this whole ball rolling.  So that’s the good news. The semi-bad news is that it’s (to me) uncharted territory and requires manual hands-on work so I’m in the process of … Continue reading

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As per the recent Status Meeting, 2.35 will be the next release.  So 2.33.x and 2.34 won’t be spun/released. The process of getting 2.35 done is what we’re working on but there are a few bits and pieces still missing.  … Continue reading

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