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SeaMonkey’s infrastructure has officially been decommissioned. May the memory of all these years of building SeaMonkey on these systems remain in the annals of SeaMonkey’s history and in all of the current and past contributors who had the fortune of … Continue reading

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Last day…

Well…  all this preparation and migration has culminated to this final day after which our dear ol’ infrastructure will be gone forever. It’s like saying goodbye to a friend… For Auld Lang Syne… my dear… for Auld Lang Syne… We’ll … Continue reading

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Website is… up…. down…up… what?

Hi, Some, if not all, of you may have wondered what the smeg was going on with the website.  It’s up.  Then errors out.  Up.. Errors out. The reason is simple. PEBCAK^H^H^H^H^H^H Teething errors with the website… yeah… Seriously, sorry … Continue reading

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End of an era…

Dear All, It is an end of an era as today is the last day of SeaMonkey’s old infrastructure.   Come 12th September, it’ll be shut down for good.  We’ve been using this infrastructure for more than ten years and it’s … Continue reading

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