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2.35 Release


I regret to be the bearer of bad news; but as it stands,
the worst case scenario (and likely the actual case) is that 2.35 is
not going to be released in July.

The new goal is to release it in early August.

The past month has been mired in fire-fighting bustages,
getting repacks and builds working (as of this writing,
trunk is busted) as well as the need to get the backend
buildbot code updated to reflect that we no longer depend
on CVS.

I apologize for the delay and would like to thank everyone for your


Win32 l10n Nightlies.

Finally managed to get the l10n nightly trunk done.  (l10n is such a complicated beast… I’m amazed at how anyone can figure it out.)

Please check them out; but do note the following caveats:

  1. I manually generated them. (While there was a bit of some automation used, it was mostly manually done.)
  2. There could be errors in the translation process. (Did I mention that l10n is complicated?)

We’ve been pretty much busted for the past two weeks or so because of changes from m-c and really had to get the code patched; which explains why no updated nightlies.  (Linux32/64 are currently busted due to the default gtk3 build, but that should be sorted out soon.)

With that sort of out of the way,  I’d like to mention that we *are* trying to get the release done soon.  We’ll update the situation as it is.

Again, thank you for your patience.

WINDOWS SeaMonkey 2.35 “Pre-RC” available

We have something very similar to a Release Candidate, “all-bugfixes included“, but not localized.

That version contains a lot of bug-fixes compared to SeaMonkey 2.33 (no warranty for completeness) , intensive testing is appreciated.

Be careful with Language Packs (and may be other add-ons) for 2.33, they might cause big problems with 2.35, and currently I do not know whether fix for Bug 1084258 Language pack compatibility should be bound to Gecko branch, else undefined entity errors possible already will avoid such problems.

Backup your profile before you install and test!

Linux Users: please consider Bug 1057581 old profile crashes on startup [@ nsRDFPropertyTestNode::FilterInstantiations]

On the same download page you will find an Aurora 2.38a1 build.

Aurora Win32-nightlies

I’ve managed to generate the Win32 Comm-aurora nightlies for the first time.  You can get it at

As for the trunk-nightly,  it’s currently busted (across all platforms) due to Bug 1181434 , and Bug 1181895.  (Since suite/ code seems to be a bit more involved, I had cloned it off the original bug.)   I’m currently fixing bug 1181434 so that it will get TB running again.  Afterwards, I’ll work on the suite/ code (assuming my approach to the latter bug is correct).


How dead is SeaMonkey?

On Ed Mullen asked 2015-07-07 the question from heading. I tried to ask Bugzilla for an answer by comparing some activity parameters with numbers of year before and 5 years ago (2010). All values for first half-year. Found numbers are listed in table below, queries for 2015 are linked in the left column:

Bug changes / YEAR 2015 2014 2010
new reports 252 208 322
changed to FIXED 119 122 273
changed to NEW 68 39 190
changed to WORKSFORME, DUP or INCOMPLETE 147 120 310
SUM 586 489 1095

I think new reports and changed to FIXED (bug fixes) no not need explication. The next parameters are indicators for (user-) QA activity. The table shows that 2015 we have only half as much activity left as SeaMonkey had 2010. But compared to year before it even looks some better.

And we have some additional glimmers of hope:

Of course that’s not a substitution for security patches coming in time, and we still have the Sync problem (and others).

SeaMonkey QABut be aware: it depends on you and your contribution how successful SeaMonkey can be. You think a normal user can’t help? That’s not true, as a first step you can try to confirm (or disprove) some of our UNCONFIRMED SeaMonkey bug Reports, like I do here (you may add me to CC if your are not sure whether your investigations are exhaustive). I hope to find your signature in Bugzilla, soon … . 🙂


Rainer Bielefeld

SeaMonkey Win32 Trunk (2.39a1) nightly

After about a month  or so of ‘decrypting’ the required steps to creating nightlies, I have finally been able to build and upload Win32 Trunk nightly to

There are a few items that I need to mention:

1) Complete and partial snippets are not available.  This means (unfortunately) when installing a new nightly, it requires (I believe) uninstalling the previous one and installing the new nightly.  (I haven’t tested out the theory that you can install on top of the current nightly provided it is from the same version.)

2) While I have tried to keep in tune with the actual buildbot steps, there were some ‘liberties’ that I took to get the process working.  (tl;dr;, I basically ‘translated’ buildbot steps into Windows batch files. i.e. python code -> batch file)  As such, while the environment is the same as ‘what we would have when we have our Windows slaves migrated to Win2008R2’,  the actual build process is ‘different’ (read: manual).  So please treat these nightlies as ‘partial contributed’.

3) I’m working on the l10n repacks now (scary stuff) and probably with the same caveat that there won’t be any complete and partial snippets.

4) Once the repacks are done working, I will be working on figuring out the release process steps (which is a lot more involved, but thankfully, a lot of the build processes are similar to the nightlies).

Again, I thank everyone for your patience with me.