Monthly Archives: September 2016


Yes.  Long time no post.

Why? Is the SeaMonkey project dead? The last was 2.40!  That’s a long time ago! (well, not really…  but long enough.)  Where is everyone?  Why has there been no posts or mentions? (and a host of other questions…)

Just want to mention that 2.46 is currently being spun… and by spun, I mean wrenched…  like loosening a very tight bolt that’s been superglued to the screw.

“What do you mean?”  some might ask.

At the start of the process, we managed to hit a few hiccups… well…not so much as hiccups but boulders the size of Boulder, Colorado with large signs saying “Stop… you cannot pass!”  (Hyperbole much?)

tl;dr (or if you wish, you can still read)

Since 2.40…  the releng team has been ‘trying’ to unbust the infrastructure to the point that things are starting to go green. (Yay!)  though we still have some l10n nightly troubles (bah humbug).   So with the desperate need of getting a release done, the project felt it was a good time to build 2.46 before something crawled out of the moco workshop to put a kaibosh on our release…  little did we know.

So, we (not really throwing caution to the wind… more like hoping with baited breath) started the build….

… only to come to a crashing halt at the 2nd step. (Moco *did* make a change to’s infra (thus changing the fingerprint) and caused the build bustage as well as some environment variables  that should’ve been set but weren’t for some reasons (probably changes in the releng code that didn’t get translated to the release releng code…  my bad).

So.  2.46 will be out.  Just not today and my guess, not tomorrow either.  Sorry.   But since everyone’s waited for so long…  what’s a couple of days more? You’re right. Not a good excuse.

Please do stay tune to this channel… more updates soon as we unhork those boulders (hyperbole.. I know).