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2.40 news

Well…while this isn’t super good news since 2.40 still isn’t ready (Win32 candidate builds are up though but haven’t been ‘processed’ yet), we are progressing slowly.

The issue now lies with l10n.  (*roar* indeed ;P)

I was hoping that I’d fire off the l10n repacks automatically; but, something during the repack is causing the loaner to bsod (according to the windows recovery dialog).  So, I am watch the whole process go. (Think of watching paint dry, minus the paint fumes).

Once this is done, it only signifies the end of the first half.  The second half will be ‘interesting’ (for some loose definition).

So we  very much appreciate everyone’s extreme patience with us.  You guys/gals are the best!


New: WINDOWS Trunk Build SeaMonkey-2.43a1 2016-01-15 13:54

New 2.43a1-WIN- Nightly available
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WHERE IS 2.40?

Up until now, I thought 2.35 was a painful spin….

2.40 is completely crazy! Between working on it with a fractured hand(right hand), and all the problems jumping out at every corner, I’m still wondering (albeit softly to myself) whether 2.40 will be released with my sanity intact.

Now,  I do confess I bungled up on the first three builds. Can’t fault anyone on that.  Forgot to change the relbranch on two instances.

So we’re up to build 4. (Personal record, btw.)

Building wise, things are ‘ok’.  Linux* built ok.  OSX64 built ok but failed on the crash-symbols upload. (Fixed the issue. Just retriggered.) WinNT is building (but I worry, since I’m building on a new loaner — the previous loaner was decommissioned without any notice, so I lost  some work there as well as losing track of what needed to be done.)

But the l10n part failed. So we’re figuring that out.

Sorry for the delay. Being out of commission for a few weeks has set my whole scheme out of wack.



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