Monthly Archives: November 2010

New Review Rules For SeaMonkey

We just updated our review rules document on the SeaMonkey website to the new set of rules we decided in our SeaMonkey Developer Meeting in Vienna earlier this year.
The big changes are that we require much less super-review, making the UI-based rule a real ui-review from the owner or a peer of the “UI Design” module (or “project area”), making clearer what the moa (module owner approval) for mailnews actually is there for (safety of user data – we don’t want random mailnews patches destroy email of trunk testers), and reducing real sr to explicit request by reviewers or major additions/removal of code.
This new set of rules should fit our day-to-day work better, make reviews for most changes easier, and generally clear up the rules.
The next step will be reworking of our submodules (“project areas”) list, with a special view on the “UI Design” module due to its new role, and thinking about potentially extending the group of people allowed to grant sr based on the new rules in SeaMonkey-specific areas (those don’t necessarily have to be global Mozilla super-reviewers).
We hope to make SeaMonkey development easier with that, so that we can deliver an even better suite into the hands of hundreds of thousands of users!

SeaMonkey trunk (2.1) Mac nightlies now Intel 32bit+64bit (PPC dropped)

As the Mozilla 2.0 platform has dropped support for Mac PPC as a primary platform some time ago, and problems have been coming along with builds on that platform, we have now made SeaMonkey 2.1 follow the other Mozilla-based applications in this.
Nightlies from now on do not support the PPC architecture any more, but instead support 64bit Intel on Mac OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” in addition to 32bit Intel on Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” and higher.
Updates should automatically take users to the new builds if they are on an Intel Mac, we have stopped issuing updates for PPC some time ago already when we discovered that builds were broken.
You also can get nightlies from the SeaMonkey nightly download page if you want to start testing them.
The SeaMonkey team would be happy about reports of how well those new builds work, esp. regarding updates and running in 64bit mode.