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Build 8


Wow.. the updates are coming in a lot more quickly than previous.  Unfortunately, this update isn’t that great.  Discovered a faux-pas made by yours truly, and having pushed a fix, we’re now heading to build #8.



New SeaMonkey Nightly Builds available



Adrian Kalla again contributes unofficial localized installers and language packs in various languages for WINDOWS and Linux: Trunk & Beta & Aurora & Release .

Only for testing, you will use those builds on your own risk. I recommend to create a backup of your user profile before you start testing those builds.

Clker-GrafkThe SeaMonkey-Project is living thanks to contributions of the community, by “manpower” or by financial support. Any contribution, also small amounts by Flattrs, are appreciated. You can donate via the SeaMonkey e. V. donation page or via the private donation initiative I started few days ago. The reasons why I started my private Donation campaign and why I currently can’t recommend donations to the SeaMonkey e. V. you can find here. You will reach my private SeaMonkey Donation Page (not initiated by or under responsibility of SeaMonkey or mozilla) with a click here or on the image at the right.

update on 2.40

The first part is complete.

The second  part is where it gets hairy.  The move to S3 has completely broken the second part of the release process and so our scripts will need to be retinkered.


SeaMonkey 2.39b1 delayed…

… until we find out what’s troubling the final step.


Important information on auto-update and SeaMonkey Sync

Attention SeaMonkey users, we have two important things to say 🙂

1. Is your SeaMonkey version up-to-date? Check at This is important because the auto-update function in old SeaMonkey versions (2.33.1 or older) does not work anymore because of security reasons (if you are curious: This is related to the update server SSL certificate having expired). If you use old versions of SeaMonkey you’re probably vulnerable to various security issues!

2. This is only relevant to you if you use the SeaMonkey Sync feature for syncing profile data between different devices: The SeaMonkey Sync feature is currently not working anymore. This is due to Mozilla turning off the server for this feature. As far as we are aware only less then 1% of our users used the Sync feature. Soon the SeaMonkey project will provide a new version that will include a new version of the Sync feature. Then SeaMonkey Sync should be working again.

SeaMonkey 2.38

SeaMonkey 2.38 has been released.

’nuff Said. 🙂


And off we go….

The moment everyone’s waiting for.

The spinning of SeaMonkey 2.35.

It is a time of trepidation…  for having not spun a release since 2.33.1, and with the requirement of a lot of changes AND plus the fact that I will need to do the Win32 builds/repacks manually… you can bet your bottom dollar this is going to be “interesting”.

So while we have started the spinning, we aren’t in the clear yet.  When you have that brand spanking new 2.35 installed on your systems, that’s when we shall celebrate.  Until then… keeping my fingers crossed that it will be not as painful as I expect. (Wanted to insert the “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”, but realized it didn’t make sense… since I’d have to say “I didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition…” of which it would make sense to say “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!  Our chief weapon is surprise…surprise and fear…..etc…”)

Anyhow…I digress.

I *really* can’t wait til I can say that I’ll bring you to your regularly scheduled program…  (get it?  scheduled?  regular…  ie. release…err..  nvm.)


SeaMonkey 2.35 language packs

Unfortunately for the latest SeaMonkey 2.35 version with several security patches no language packs were available. Because my experience is that the 2.35 language packs Adrian Kalla contributed some weeks ago (and what are no longer available at his download area) work fine with that latest 2.35 build I asked him to send those language builds to me, and I made them available for public download at Download

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New available

NewNightly35Build details:

  • Built of mozilla-esr38 + THUNDERBIRD_38_VERBRANCH. Note Official 2.35 release will be built off mozilla-release 38 (Probably 38.0.6)
  • DOM Inspector built off changeset 80c195824f1e. Version shows as 2.0.16pre. I have uploaded 2.0.16 to AMO so SeaMonkey should update to that version if configured.
  • Chatzilla built off changeset c65366e47dd2. Version shows as . This is a problem because SeaMonkey may update to the version on AMO (

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First WIN SeaMonkey 2.35 Nightly Build available

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