SeaMonkey 2.0 – The Modern Internet Suite is Here!

The SeaMonkey project at Mozilla is excited to release its completely refurbished next generation of the all-in one Internet suite today: SeaMonkey 2.0, now available for free download, melds the ideas behind Netscape Communicator with the modern platform of Firefox 3.5 to create one of the most compelling open source products for advanced Internet users.
The combination of an Internet browser, email & newsgroup client, HTML editor, IRC chat and web development tools, that has already established a wide user base in its previous incarnations, has been rebuilt on top of the modern Mozilla platform, featuring world-class add-on management among other things. In addition, it has been improved with feed support (including an RSS and Atom feed reader in the mail component), a modern look, restoration of browser tabs and windows after crashes or restarts, tabbed mail, automated updates, smart history search from the location bar, faster JavaScript, HTML5 features (for example video and downloadable fonts), and even support for the Lightning calendar add-on (which will issue a beta for installation on SeaMonkey 2.0 in the next few weeks).
The Release Notes feature more in-depth lists of the improvements and known issues with the new version as well as installation requirements and instructions. Find even more information on SeaMonkey 2.0 and the SeaMonkey project at!

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9 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.0 – The Modern Internet Suite is Here!

  1. Ben says:

    Many thanks to all for this new version.

  2. Kelly Clowers says:

    No x86_64 build?

  3. David Zamora says:

    Hi!, i´m traying to install seamonkey 2.0 on my pc but it´s say there was an error on setup.exe.
    I´m use a slow machine with windows 98/Millennium, it´s for my os ? need to change to xp ?? thankyou!.
    David Zamora

  4. @Kelly:
    There never were any official 64bit versions for any Mozilla product yet. The 32bit versions should just work fine. A contributed x86_64 build might become available soon, though.
    As the release notes and the system requirements say, the minimum Windows version we support in 2.x is Windows 2000.

  5. Ben says:

    @David Zamora
    System requirements:
    Operating Systems
    * Windows 2000
    * Windows XP
    * Windows Vista
    * Windows 7

  6. browser only says:

    Please bring the browser-only option back. Please.

  7. Gloria says:

    I just upgraded my sea monkey to the new version. Composer worked fine and I think Save did also, but I can’t seem to get the Publish function to work. I keep clicking on the button but nothing happens.

  8. mike says:

    Thank you! Using Mozilla daily since 0.9.x

  9. Ben says:

    I love Seamonkey BUT may have to leave it as some of my critical pages won’t load – See an industrial supplier that I frequently purchase from. Firefox loads it fine.

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