The SeaMonkey Project Turns 5!

On March 10, 2005, Mozilla Foundation announced the transition plan that paved the way for the community to take over development, release and project management of Mozilla’s application suite. This agreement formed the base of today’ SeaMonkey project, which came to be after a number of IRC meetings where we decided we’d first work on releasing the then-available suite code as a first community version while starting work on transforming the suite to an application built upon the new Mozilla platform also in use by Firefox and Thunderbird.
On July 2, we announced the new name of the suite and community project to be “SeaMonkey”, September 15 marked our first Alpha release, on December 2, we announced our new logo, and on January 30, 2006, we were able to release SeaMonkey 1.0 to the public.
While we released a slightly improved 1.1 based on the old one a year later, work continued on the version based on the new platform, culminating in a completely reworked SeaMonkey 2.0 that more or less was the first release our new team developed from ground up, going public on October 27, 2009.
5 years after the transition plan announcement, we are about to end support for the SeaMonkey 1.x series and leave the aged “xpfe” platform finally behind us, while we’re working on a new 2.1 release that brings more features and closes the gap to Firefox and Thunderbird even further.
So, while we’re celebrating the 5th anniversary, the SeaMonkey project is as active as ever, if not even more, providing the most modern Internet suite available today with SeaMonkey 2.0 and working on improving it even more.
Still, we need your help to make our software and project even better in the next 5 years!

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  1. Ben says:

    Hi KaiRo
    I wanted to tell you that I use Seamonkey because it doesn’t work like Firefox. I can customize my navigation bar and toolbar in a way as it’s not possible with FF. On the other side, I switched to Seamonkey because of FF3’s new “features” like the Awful Bar and other things.
    I would like to ask the Seamonkey team don’t try to copy FF, otherwise people can use FF.

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