Good news…bad news..

Not beating around the bush with this.  [wanted to have a catchy title… not being good with topics and all that, but.. no one cares about the title.  It’s the content..]

Well, the release will be done within this week, just not today (31st August 2015, PST(or whatever it is now)).  Really sorry about that.  I realize we said end of August, but … ok.  No buts.

Ok. There is a but.

But we are in the final stretch.  And of course, the disclaimer here is that ‘final’ is loosely termed as within this week (and dare I even say, ‘at the earliest’ – reason? .. oh you don’t want to know the excuses..  Would gremlins be satisfact… no? Um.. the dog?  umm the misalignment of… ).

The real reason is that with our infrastructure code, we don’t have the necessary infrastructure to support a testing environment.  So any changes we do to the infra code is live every time we post(and even though the infra code is reviewed, like everything else), there could be unforeseen circumstances that give our infra a fit.  (Yes. I know. In this day and age of DevOps and CI, this shouldn’t be the case; but, really..  the resources issue.  I’ve been planning to find a way to get some sort of CI/testing env for our infra code locally..  just haven’t been able to… work and family and other RL issues.)

So, please do bear with us just for a little bit longer.



PS: I realize this isn’t a proper PR ditty.  I’m not a PR person and therefore the aforementioned would probably get someone fired somewhere.  Anyway… no offense to anyone.   All I hope is that I can help this project in any way I can, even if it’s small.


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