Monthly Archives: September 2015

Sierra Mike…

“This is Release approach.  You are cleared for approach on runway 32 right.”

“Roger… Runway 32 right.”

With that intro, I’d like to say that we are pretty much close to release.  Just only a couple of things to do.  Once the website is updated, I, or someone else, will announce the release.

After that, I’ll be prep’ing for SeaMonkey 2.38beta1.


PS: It’s kind a pretentious, sorry.  Just very happy that we’ve finally gotten to this point and it only took a week.

Source tarball update

This manual generation wasn’t as hairy as I thought it’d be.  Maybe fuzzy… but not hairy.

Just wanted to mention that the source tarball has been uploaded to the release candidates section.


Good News… bad news.. (part deux)

We’re nearing the final stretch in that the updates succeeded… the update verifications were good (though the osx64 one is still pending).

So all in all, the updates part seemed a lot less hectic than the earlier part; but then again, that’s only because Callek was there to help.

So we’re nearly set for the final release.

That’s the good news part of this post.

The bad news is that even though the source step was green… it failed. (Reminds me of the ‘it’s so good.. it’s bad’, but I digress).  The source tarball was not uploaded.  (*that’s my fault again *sigh**).  It required a source change in comm-release that I overlooked (I assumed that suite’s was |make upload| and not |make source-upload|).  It ends up that |make source-upload| *was* needed, but that needs to be changed in suite/

(Thanks to the SeaMonkey Gentoo package maintainer for pointing out my faux-pas.)

That said, I will need to do that manually.  (*Damn well serves me right for choking up the source step.*)