Important information on auto-update and SeaMonkey Sync

Attention SeaMonkey users, we have two important things to say 🙂

1. Is your SeaMonkey version up-to-date? Check at This is important because the auto-update function in old SeaMonkey versions (2.33.1 or older) does not work anymore because of security reasons (if you are curious: This is related to the update server SSL certificate having expired). If you use old versions of SeaMonkey you’re probably vulnerable to various security issues!

2. This is only relevant to you if you use the SeaMonkey Sync feature for syncing profile data between different devices: The SeaMonkey Sync feature is currently not working anymore. This is due to Mozilla turning off the server for this feature. As far as we are aware only less then 1% of our users used the Sync feature. Soon the SeaMonkey project will provide a new version that will include a new version of the Sync feature. Then SeaMonkey Sync should be working again.

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