Zur Mozilla-Bugzilla HomepageUntil now I have been used to report new bugs with status UNCONFIRMED, even if I was absolutely sure that the report was concerning a real bug and complete enough so that a developer can take on. Reason is that I believe in the two-man rule. Often a review by an other user adds information, may be concerning additionally affected Operating system or an aspect of the problem not yet mentioned or something else. But in the SeaMonkey project, due to very limit “human QA resources” and the lack of interest of most SeaMonkey users to contribute to the project, the bug review processĀ  horrible slow, even Bug reports what can be reproduced easily do not find a user who is willing to do a test whether he can reproduce the problem.

So in future I myself will change bug status to NEW after 1 week of waiting if I think that all requirements for starting bug fixing process are fulfilled (and nobody confirmed the bug).

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6 Responses to My UNCONFIRMED Bug Reports

  1. Dan says:

    Don’t know how to ask for new features, so hopefully someone will see this. (I’m a very non-techie)

    1. sure would be nice to be able to pin arbitrary messages to the top of the inbox, so they can act as TODO type items that don’t get lost/scrolled off-screen in the stream of new mail

    2. A drop down list of previous find items would sure help when repetitively searching for several different things in various pages.

    • Hi Dan, and Happy New Year

      Requests for Enhancements are opened at, as bugs with severity “enhancement”. But the SeaMonkey developers are few, they’re doing it in their spare time, and they have their hands full with fixings the bugs there are, so don’t expect any radical enhancement any time soon.

  2. developer says:

    If you can’t copy it, there is nothing to test.

  3. Bruce says:

    Does any one else have problems reading mail on yahoo? This is Seamonkey 2.39 in Win7. I have tried reinstalling it but no change. No other site seems to be affected.
    I can read yahoo mail with Seamonkey 2.33.1 in Vector Linux

    • Hi Bruce, I don’t think that it is a good idea to post such comments here. There are only few readers here, and such a general description without any useful facts only causes unnecessary work for other users. You comment does not contain any hint what your problem might be. Too small type face design? Impossible to log in? Nerve-racking popups in Web interface?
      You should read the Mozilla bug writing guidelines what contain useful hints for any kind of problem description. After that you should decide where you can discuss your problem with a better description at:

      SeaMonkey Support newsgroup (if you think you need help)
      Bugzilla if you think you found a bug
      somewhere else?

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