SeaMonkey 2.53.13 Beta 1 is out!

Hi All,

The SeaMonkey Project is pleased to announce the immediate release of 2.53.13 Beta 1.

Please check out [1] and/or [2].   Updates will be available shortly.



[1] –

[2] –

About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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3 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.53.13 Beta 1 is out!

  1. Myrddin R Emrys says:

    I’m still supporting Seamonkey as I’m able and keeping it installed though I can’t seem to use it as my daily driver (so-to-speak) at present unfortunately. I’m hoping that soon enough progress on it’s retrofit & upgrading will bring it back up to a level where these new trends in site construction won’t give it such a hard time processing.
    With the current trend of rewriting sites to use chromium-based operations it’s disturbingly reminiscent of when IE had so much written to only work with it fully.
    I’ve left messages here & there where it seems that sticking to web standards within html5 are very ignored in the hopes that some pressure will be applied to make them rethink how many people they both alienate and put at extra risk using such practices.

    Anyway, More power to ya Seamonkey.! You carry the legacy most directly (in my thinking) of how browsers began and have grown and changed since the beginning.

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