Updates fixed

Hi All,

The updates have been fixed as well well as a lot of the missing files.

Seems like as if I simply cannot handle multiple changes at the same time.

My apologies for the inconveniences caused.



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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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5 Responses to Updates fixed

  1. Ant says:

    Thanks again. At least, the updates didn’t break installed SMs?

  2. Richard P says:

    I use the latest Mac version of SeaMonkey to edit the pages of my simple HTML website. One thing that frustrates me is that the “Find” command doesn’t work when viewing the HTML source in the Composer. Any chance that can be fixed soon? Thank you.

  3. Augusto says:

    Firstly I need say thanks very much for doing Seamonkey. I use Seamonkey since Netscape Navigator was discontinued.
    Seamonkey is my browser, but unhappily in each new recent versions some sites are broken for example github and some forums.
    Github and some forums (nvidia linux) are broken for several previus versions and plugins downloaders (flashgot and downthemall) not work since 2.53.17.

  4. Heiko Mock says:


    Lightning is not supported anymore.
    In Thunderbird it is now fully integrated, so it is not possible to download an update.
    Seamonkey without calendar is not really useful.
    Any plans to integrate Lightning into the next release?


  5. Heiko Mock says:


    Any idea, why Lightning is not supported anymore?
    So far it was always updated, when I have updated Seamonkey.
    I am running with Lightning
    After Upgrade to 2.53.18, Lightning was not compatible anymore. Do you have any idea why?


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