suite/ tree rules leading up to SeaMonkey 2.0

SeaMonkey has tagged 2.0b2, which is the last beta for this series and considered feature-complete. From now on, no further feature work is expected on the 1.9.1-based suite/ code, which is currently still coming from the comm-central repository.
Possible exceptions can only be granted on a case-by-case basis and need really good reason for still landing for this series (“API compatibility with Thunderbird 3” is a good reason, “would be nice to have it” is a bad reason at this point in time).
To ensure this, all patches to suite/ need to be from a bug with wanted-seamonkey2.0+ or blocking-seamonkey2.0+ flags set or need to have approval-seamonkey2-0+ granted.
We will be fast in granting the approval flag where it’s reasonable. I also like to ask SeaMonkey Council members who are doing reviews on patches that are obviously no problem with the “no features” rule to grant/set the approval flag right away if they are doing the last needed review, to make this process as smooth as possible right now.
Patches to mailnews/ that need or are only reasonable with changes to both mail/ and suite/ and are accepted for Thunderbird 3 are excepted for now and can land without the extra hassle of SeaMonkey approval.
A second exception is patches that touch tests only, those are always allowed without approval or any of the other flags, review alone is enough for them.
This is not for making things more complicated, but to get the focus on work that’s really fixing the rough edges we still have in SeaMonkey-specific code and finishing things up to be able to freeze the code early in October for a stable release that lives up to the expectations.
When requesting approval, please state the (stability) risk this patch poses and the reason why we need to take this patch for 2.0 right in the comment that goes along with the request.
We hope that this process helps making us a good release!

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2 Responses to suite/ tree rules leading up to SeaMonkey 2.0

  1. Tigris says:

    Thank you.

  2. Please somebody hep me months I’m trying to migrate all accounts from thunderbird to sea monkey.
    I have copied the thunderbird mail application data from tb to sea monkey application data, but it don’t work.
    Please somebody who knows can explain step by step hoe to?. Or better to add an import data , mail, settings,addresses from Thunderbird to Sea Monkey, to have all compacted and nice?
    I dont know because that I ask,
    Best regards
    Marcos Brodsky

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