First WIN SeaMonkey 2.35 Nightly Build available

The long-desired SeaMonkey WIN32 Nightly 2.35 Build ( 13-Jun-2015 04:32 45M by developer Philip Chee) is available and can be downloaded here.

You may use it on your own risk for testing, without any warranty!

But of course it would be great if many experienced users would do tests with SeaMonkey 2.35 pre release builds, file bug reports if they find bugs and check bugfixes for 2.35.


I wonder whether this really is a WIN64 build?

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22 Responses to First WIN SeaMonkey 2.35 Nightly Build available

  1. Waterbaboon says:

    In the process list it shows that it really is 64-bit executable. Works fine using the same profile and extensions that 32-bit 2.33 release used.

  2. UA says:

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0 SeaMonkey/2.35

  3. LuvKomputrs says:

    Will there also be a build of SeaMonkey 2.35 for users of Windows 32bit?
    Can’t wait for the final release! πŸ™‚

  4. debugman says:

    > you accidentally Win64 build

    ’bout time, guys! My body is ready.

  5. Xindong Su says:

    p.s As a long term seamonkey user, I even tried to set up a windows build environment for myself, but not succeed yet…

  6. chokito says:

    For a testprofile you can download the desired “…installer.exe” file and then extract it to folder “…installer\” with 7-Zip. Inside the extracted folder delete the setup.exe file. Now create a new link to the “seamonkey.exe” file in the core folder with the parameter -profileManager. After start SeaMonkey you can use the actual profile or make a new profile. You can copy the actual profile to the new profile for testing. Good luck.

  7. marc says:

    I think you’re wrong: “The long-desired SeaMonkey WIN32 Nightly 2.35 Build…” is 64-bit, and also isn’t from Philip Chee, it is from “rn10950”:
    Seems like Philip Chee asked rn10950 to upload his builds to the server:
    There is a 2.35 win32 build by rn10950:
    md5: 3cb45160ccd9e18977486f92ccc3a07c
    I’ve been using this 2.35 win32 for some days and it works perfect for me (I added msvcp120.dll and msvcr120.dll from seamonkey-2.37a2 to make it work).

  8. chokito says:

    In the builds from Adrian Kalla (Adrianer, see above) the msvcp120.dll and msvcr120.dll will be included.

  9. LuvKomputrs says:

    Looks like we’re really getting close to seeing a final release for SeaMonkey 2.35! πŸ˜€

    Experimental SeaMonkey 2.35-gamma test build
    Please take this out for a test drive and report any problems.


    * Built of mozilla-esr38 + THUNDERBIRD_38_VERBRANCH. Note Official 2.35 release will be built off mozilla-release 38 (Probably 38.0.6)
    * DOM Inspector built off changeset 80c195824f1e. Version shows as 2.0.16pre. I have uploaded 2.0.16 to AMO so SeaMonkey should update to that version if configured.
    * Chatzilla built off changeset c65366e47dd2. Version shows as . This is a problem because SeaMonkey may update to the version on AMO (

    • marc says:

      I’m running this seamonkey 2.36 win32, and seems to be based on firefox 39.0.1
      Just one strange thing… if I ask properties for seamonkey.exe (win32), it seems to be sm 2.35 ( 38.0.6) as previous A.Kalla 2.35 build:

      seamonkey.exe properties 2.36

      seamonkey.exe properties 2.35

      • Hi marc,

        I recommend to open a Bugzilla Bug Report immediately for such observations, because all other users expect to find information concerning bugs there in Bugzilla, not here in the Blog. In this case I did the work for you: Bug 1182957 – WIN Explorer file properties details wrongly show SeaMonkey 2.35

      • chokito says:

        Version SeaMonkey.exe Build

        2.35-32 20150616034436 38.0.6 inside
        2.35-64 20150615204754 38.0.6 inside

        2.36-32 20150711180559 39.0.1 inside
        2.36-64 20150708210945 39.0.1 inside

        2.38a2-32 20150709001153 41.0a2 inside
        2.39a1-32 20150707001452 42.0a1 inside

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