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engineroom_battleship-389274_1280News from the machinery compartment

I am happy that we now have the blog. After some weeks experience with it, we should think about some improvements. Most of the following suggestions are also discussed in Bug 1147825 (meta) Revive SeaMonkey blog and accomplished in the Inofficial German Language SeaMonkey Blog.

A) Show author’s name

Currently the postings only show a time stamp, but not author’s name. Because of that postings look rather impersonal, what unfortunately is a problem with many SeaMonkey Web Pages. Se should add some personal touch to SeaMonkey Web Pages (and so to the blog), and one possible measure for this is to show author’s name.

B) Do not waste page width

waste of width3The screenshot shows the Blog how it appears in my SeaMonkey on a 16:9 screen. As you can see 50 % of width are not at all used, additionally 15 % for menus, so only 35% of page width are used for the contents or a posting. We should check whether the Coraline theme allows a more lean utilization of room.

C) More blog Functions

We should think about adding Blog functions what are used in most other blogs:

C1) Tag Cloud

Allows user to find blog postings concerning his special interest.

C2) Category Cloud

Allows user to find blog postings concerning his special interest.

C3) Like and Share Buttons

So users see what postings were interesting for other users and what ones were not

C4) Follow Button

So that interested users can follow easily.

C5) Counter

for page visitors

D) “About” page

With some basics:

  • Who is responsible for contents (legal notice)
  • copyright
  • introduction of the authors

 E) Blog Roll

With links to related blogs, SeaMonkey blogs in other languages and so on.

F) Publish SeaMonkey Blog on Mozilla Blog Planet

I already published Bug 1176562 Please add SeaMonkey Blog to

BTW, I myself can do none of the sugessted improvements.

What are your thoughts, do you have additional suggestions?

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  1. says:

    We should connect the blog to the SeaMonkey Facebook page (currently I’m trying to do that ;).

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