SeaMonkey Win32 Trunk (2.39a1) nightly

After about a month  or so of ‘decrypting’ the required steps to creating nightlies, I have finally been able to build and upload Win32 Trunk nightly to

There are a few items that I need to mention:

1) Complete and partial snippets are not available.  This means (unfortunately) when installing a new nightly, it requires (I believe) uninstalling the previous one and installing the new nightly.  (I haven’t tested out the theory that you can install on top of the current nightly provided it is from the same version.)

2) While I have tried to keep in tune with the actual buildbot steps, there were some ‘liberties’ that I took to get the process working.  (tl;dr;, I basically ‘translated’ buildbot steps into Windows batch files. i.e. python code -> batch file)  As such, while the environment is the same as ‘what we would have when we have our Windows slaves migrated to Win2008R2’,  the actual build process is ‘different’ (read: manual).  So please treat these nightlies as ‘partial contributed’.

3) I’m working on the l10n repacks now (scary stuff) and probably with the same caveat that there won’t be any complete and partial snippets.

4) Once the repacks are done working, I will be working on figuring out the release process steps (which is a lot more involved, but thankfully, a lot of the build processes are similar to the nightlies).

Again, I thank everyone for your patience with me.


About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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  1. Hamid says:

    What about Linux 32/64 builds?

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