How dead is SeaMonkey?

On Ed Mullen asked 2015-07-07 the question from heading. I tried to ask Bugzilla for an answer by comparing some activity parameters with numbers of year before and 5 years ago (2010). All values for first half-year. Found numbers are listed in table below, queries for 2015 are linked in the left column:

Bug changes / YEAR 2015 2014 2010
new reports 252 208 322
changed to FIXED 119 122 273
changed to NEW 68 39 190
changed to WORKSFORME, DUP or INCOMPLETE 147 120 310
SUM 586 489 1095

I think new reports and changed to FIXED (bug fixes) no not need explication. The next parameters are indicators for (user-) QA activity. The table shows that 2015 we have only half as much activity left as SeaMonkey had 2010. But compared to year before it even looks some better.

And we have some additional glimmers of hope:

Of course that’s not a substitution for security patches coming in time, and we still have the Sync problem (and others).

SeaMonkey QABut be aware: it depends on you and your contribution how successful SeaMonkey can be. You think a normal user can’t help? That’s not true, as a first step you can try to confirm (or disprove) some of our UNCONFIRMED SeaMonkey bug Reports, like I do here (you may add me to CC if your are not sure whether your investigations are exhaustive). I hope to find your signature in Bugzilla, soon … . 🙂


Rainer Bielefeld

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18 Responses to How dead is SeaMonkey?

  1. George Crawford says:

    Thank you for keeping SeaMonkey going. I use it for a web browser and use it to keep my school’s website up to date. I am also trying to contribute financially. I use it on Macs, PCs, and Linux. Will try to get involved with Beta testing some.

  2. Kamikaze says:

    The first one, great job by this blog and your job.
    But offtopic, recently I read how Mozilla will let XUL for FF. Any idea what will happen with XUL in Seamonkey?

    Thanks and sorry by my english

  3. TheSimp says:

    Thanks for putting in the effort to keep SeaMonkey up-to-date. It is quickly becoming the only sane browser in this modern world.. Seamonkey is the only browser where the “Icons and Text” still works for the navigation toolbar. That is vital for people that do not have the motorskills of a 16 year old that plays 1st person shooters all day and need a bit more surface area to click on a button.

  4. George Horvath says:

    I too just wanted to thank you for your efforts, I’ve been a user of Seamonkey for so many years and I did post some bugs in the past but I simply don’t have the time and programming skills to contribute by more than that. I like the way it is integrated with the mail application and hope to have it my primary browser for years to come.

  5. Carsten Hütter says:

    I’ve been a Netscape Communicator/Mozilla/Seamonkey internet suite user since the 1990s. The greeting mail from Marc Andreessen still resides proudly in my inbox. My hopes that the Mozlla internet suite survived were previously met every decade. I’m sure it will survive the next couple decades as well.

    Many thanks to you, Rainer!

    Und viele Grüße an Bielefeld in Braunschweig. 😉

  6. Monkey Sea says:

    Hmmm no updates for 4 months and hoping it’s not the end for this browser. Firefox sux, there’s no way I’m doing chrome and IE is only used when I have to.

    Thanks for the ride…

    Unfortunately such is the case for OSS…

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  9. Gracias por el esfuerzo que hacen,nos cerraron el foro Seamonkey en mozilla hispano y tratamos de comunicarnos como podemos en blogs de usuarios, un detalle LXLE os no es la única también esta puppy linux y diversos puplets.Saludos.
    Thanks for the effort you make, closed us the Forum in mozilla Seamonkey Hispanic and we try to communicate as we can on blogs of users, a detail LXLE you isn’t the only one also this puppy linux and various puplets. Best regards.

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  11. Gregory Lee says:

    As the owner of a small computer repair shop, I have encouraged my clients to move to Seamonkey, simply because it is the best out there. Most of my clients had switched, and the really do enjoy it. We have had issues with a few web sites, but have been able to find work around for most. We really want to see the continued development of this grand old browser suite! Thank you very much for your efforts!

  12. Monkey Doo says:

    It’s been 5 months since last update so it’s dead. Firefox is losing it to chrome too.

  13. Pete says:

    Not dead at all!
    I use it at work, installed it myself. Firefox has drifted away from my personal taste. We used to have Netscape Communicator pre-installed on the PCs here. They finally last year recommended using Chrome or Firefox instead of I.E. No mention of SeaMonkey.
    At home we use it as much as Firefox on all PCs. We use it for a browser, composer, everything that Netscape ever had. You see, I was loving Netscape from the very beginning; got a little disappointed when it kept changing and finally went all AOL on me. Mozilla Suite was my next favorite until it was seemingly replaced with Firefox AND Thunderbird. So sad.
    In recent years I rediscovered SeaMonkey, so much like my first browser pal Netscape! Believe it or not, I had still been using Netscape 4.65 for the composer for years. It was when I was experimenting with a Linux installation on a new hard drive that I stumbled over SeaMonkey! Then I searched and found the download for Windows.
    Don’t let it die, and thanks for your hard work!

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