New localized WIN32-Builds SeaMonkey 2.37 2015-08-13 07:11 available




On that page Adrian Kalla contributes localized installers.exe and languagepacks.xpi in various languages.

Only for testing, you will use those builds on your own risk.

About Rainer Bielefeld

QA-Volunteer in the SeaMonkey Project. Hiere in the Blog you see me as Rainer Bielefeld, for technical reasons sometimes also as RrBd57 from my Twitter-account
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11 Responses to New localized WIN32-Builds SeaMonkey 2.37 2015-08-13 07:11 available

  1. chokito says:

    2.37-32 20150812182008 40.0.1 AKalla
    2.37-64 20150808082718 40.0 AKalla

    2.38-32 20150811193450 41.0 AKalla WMP-Fail

  2. debugman says:

    Nice to see the Win32 builds going back in shape.

    However, a few questions regarding all other builds since I’m not really familiar (yet) with the SM build/release process:

    – How are Linux builds being handled?
    – Will there be official Win64 builds in the near future?
    – Will the Linux 64-bit build ever be promoted to “official release” status so we can get localized releases instead of en_US only? (It would help me save some time on updates, since I often forget to download the updated language .xpi for my locale)

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