SeaMonkey 2.35 Release Notes Complements

In the following some additional release information what currently still are missing at the official SeaMonkey release notes.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel  (from Wikipedia)Here you find a Google machine translation of the official SeaMonkey Website for approximately 90 languages. The result sometimes isn’t easy to understand, but may be better than nothing – alternatively you can try regional websites.

Bugzilla Logo (from Wikipedia)Here are some queries what  might be useful for the decision whether to update to 2.35 or not (without any guarantee of completeness and correctness):

A Bugzilla account and also to be logged in to Bugzilla is required to do the queries and to see the list

Please consider that the queries do not contain any bugs that exist (or have been repaired) in Firefox or Thunderbird without having been reported for SeaMonkey separately in Bugzilla. On occasion I will try to find more useful queries.

The queries are dynamic and take into account progress (and setbacks) immediately.

Mozilla WikiSome new SeaMonkey 2.35 features are listed in the Wiki.

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23 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.35 Release Notes Complements

  1. Mozinet says:

    Could you verify the original Bugzilla URLs (and perhaps add them)? When I launch the first Bugzilla URL, I obtain the “The search named SM2.35 ReallyFixed does not exist” error message (while I’m logged in in Bugzilla).

    • I can confirm your observation. Although I share with “everyone”, I can not use the short link for saved search with a sock-puppet account without any permissions. I will submit a bug and apply original query link tomorrow.

    • pjdkrunkt says:

      Any reason why someone can’t just copy and paste the darn list? Not everyone has a bugzilla account or should be required to have one just to see what got fixed/regressed.

  2. hhgygy says:

    Could someone confirm that “check e-mail messages automatically” does not work (at least reliably) in this new version 2.35. I posted this bug and someone redirected it as a duplicate of a Thunderbird bug.

    • RrBd57 says:

      Well, that problem in Bug 1203582 – Automatic downloading of new e-mail messages not reliable definitively does exist (as I stated in Comments) and now it is fixed for Bug 1196662 – Thunderbird not checking for mails … ; Fix will be in Thunderbird 41, but I haven’t a clue what SeaMonkey Version is based on what Thunderbird Version.


      • hhgygy says:

        Thanks for the info, I have to use SM 2.33.1 because it is vital for my work to get e-mail ASAP and automatically, because I cannot rely on clicking on the refresh button from time to time, that is simply unacceptable.

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