QA: New Whiteboard tag “[easyconfirm]”

Zur Mozilla-Bugzilla HomepageFor the SeaMonkey project I now use a new Bugzilla Whiteboard tag “[easyconfirm]” for UNCONFIRMED Bugzilla bug reports, which can be easily reproduced also by Bugzilla newbies. So these bug reports are ideal for some first bug confirming attempts and to gain some first experience with bug confirming and QA process on our bug tracking system.

It would be great if some SeaMonkey users, who have not been involved until now, would help to confirm these bugs.

Some additional information how  QA bug confirmation works you can find at the Bug triage Manual, Bug writing guidelines and Bugzilla FAQ. No need to learn all that stuff by rote. Reading only should give you some basic information before you start with a click on “[easyconfirm]” above.

It would be great to see some new names in the Bugzilla CC fields for those bugs. For questions concerning the particular bug report please write comments in the Bug report Comment field. General questions you can ask here with a comment.

Please be aware: the more users of the community support SeaMonkey, the better the quality of the Software can be. Bug confirmation is an important part of support to the project, and you can learn a lot about SeaMonkey while you help at QA.

Experienced users should not hesitate to use this tag for suitable newly created bug reports where they want to see their observations confirmed by a second user, need information concerning additionally affected operating systems or whatever else.

All UNCONFIRMED SeaMonkey bugs

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QA-Volunteer in the SeaMonkey Project. Hiere in the Blog you see me as Rainer Bielefeld, for technical reasons sometimes also as RrBd57 from my Twitter-account
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