4 non blondes’ song…

Hi all,

No, the blog hasn’t been hacked.  You may wonder what “4 Non blonde’s song” mean.

They released a song some time ago called “What’s going on?”  And I’m sure that’s exactly what everyone’s thinking of.

Yes.  What’s going on?  Some might even say, “WTF is going on? Where the hell are the new releases?”

I had wanted to write out an analogy of how it’s like walking up a large sand dune in slippers and then being transported/teleported into a jungle where you’re sinking in quicksand only to then find yourself treking up a sand dune again….

Then I gave up and felt it’d be easier just to say that I am doing my best in getting the following done:

  1. set up a new infra somewhere
  2. get us migrated to balrog
  3. Keep our current infra ‘working’.

“Hey, dude.. there are ONLY three things you need to do?  What the hell’s the hold up?”

Also note I have a 9 to 6 job.

So there’s really only so much time I can spend on this.  Well, to be fair, it isn’t so much as ‘time’ as ‘brain cells’.  My brain isn’t as good as it used to.. (hey what’s that laughter in the background?).   The “Cogito ergo sum” is starting to be quite questionable since while I think,  I’m not sure I am.  And if I am, I am what?

Anyway, I just want to apologize for not getting things done quickly. I am certainly feeling the pressure that the trains are still rolling.







About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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7 Responses to 4 non blondes’ song…

  1. Sanny says:

    Hey, Just take a deep breath!. We’ll be waiting on the other side 🙂
    Thanks for the update. I, (speaking for myself only), understand and am patient.

  2. F says:

    1. I am patient also. Seamonkey will always be my browser. I am just grateful to everyone who maintains it.

    2. DuckDuckGo – I don’t mind their search at all, but when their cert is borked, and sm says then the site *cannot* be loaded, that’s two awfully wrong things right there. I can well decide to go to any domain or URL on my own.

    3. Also DDG: Actually changing the search engine worked, only the search box claimed it was still going to search with DDG with it’s ungodly honking huge icon, breaking also text suggestions of previously typed searches which i then have to type over.

    Where is it fixed? In the beta?

    Haha, ok, reinstalled and reset to DDG (is there a specific one that sends you revenue?) and now search dropdown icon is normal sized goog one and gives me goog search. Too many oddities to sort out now.

    Hope you enjoyed my wall of spam. Best wishes to all of you. Thanks for all your hard work. <3

    • Frank Lion says:


      Chill, dude. If you’re already doing your best then that’s all you can do. We all feel the pressure of coding deadlines, but the trick is to not let it get to you. Plus, you work faster and make fewer/no mistakes when you’re relaxed, well, I do anyway.

      Just keep on, keeping on and it’ll turn out fine.

  3. luvkomputrs says:

    GREAT things come to those who wait. 😉
    Many. many THANKS to you and all those who keep our beloved browser going! 🙂

  4. Kamikaze says:

    Keep calm, we will have patience. Thanks by your time with Seamonkey.
    As sysadmin I understand you… 😉


  5. Florin says:

    I have used Netscape Communicator since version 0.8beta and I am still in love with Seamonkey !!!
    And will always use it!

  6. xrror says:

    Keep up the good fight! Without you SeaMonkey would be dead – so I’m pretty sure all SeaMonkey diehards will (should) have infinite patience with you.

    Because again, honestly right now you ARE SeaMonkey =D

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