2.48 is spinning… (and so is my head)…

Greetings All,

Just a FYI, that we are spinning 2.48…  yes.  It’s been a long time; but, as much as I would like, Murphy isn’t taking his long deserved holiday..  Really, Murphy…  TAKE YOUR HOLIDAY!

Anyway, I expect to have a choppy ride (re: Murphy) so can’t state when 2.48 will be released.  (First bump already hit.  We had 2 OSX systems running and both decided to go AWOL.  They were back. Now one decided to return to going AWOL.  So we’re down to 1 OSX builder.  (*oh yay*) ;/ )

However, what I do know is the fact that updates aren’t working so when 2.48 is released,  the usual “download and install” will have to suffice.  This is something I’m sorry about as I had hoped to get 2.48 on the updates train….  but it’s just so darn complicated.

Will keep you guys/gals posted.



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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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9 Responses to 2.48 is spinning… (and so is my head)…

  1. George Crawford says:

    Thanks for all your continued work and that of the SeaMonkey developers. Taking your time and do the best you can. Sounds like you all are working hard with a lot of bugs to work through.

  2. EP says:

    thanks for all the hard & grinding work, ewong.
    there’s at least one win32 candidate build for SM 2.48 that I may try out on my PC later this month.

  3. Thank you for what you are doing. “Not enough are interested in the classical suite” is ok with you people? Why!

    I have been using Seamoney non stop since 2011 or 2012. That is exactly what I like about it – because it has everything I need in the one process! I came on to this blog now only because I was wondering why I keep getting an error message for the automatic update.

    It would be a terrible, terrible shame if Seamonkey ever stopped. I really cannot understand it that it is a “niche” as you put it earlier in this blog. It is by far the best for *me*. I have tried many other browsers; like many, starting with Internet Explorer, I migrated to Firefox, then to Avante Browser, then to Chrome, I tried Opera, experimented with Thunderbird as an alternative to Outlook Express (later Windows Mail I think it was called)…. and THEN came Seamonkey. Then I stayed put.

    I mean it. I cannot understand why Seamonkey isn’t *the* browser for people to have. So if you are spending money, perhaps you should consider spending it on publicizing what you have. Then again, I don’t know what your budget is. But perhaps one could be more “aggressive” on social media, for example? There is *nothing* like your Seamonkey. I don’t get what others “don’t get” here.

    Seriously, people need to know about it. In all the years I have been using it – I have written blog posts about it http://viking.cqd.nu/why-does-hardly-anyone-know-about-seamonkey/ (this post is from an archived page, since I have updated my blog considerably). And even *I* am a bit of an “oddball” among my colleagues, most of whom use Chrome.

    That to me is your – our – weakness. That still people don’t know what a terrific SUITE Seamonkey is! This, in my opinion, is where something needs to be done.

    Nothing will ever replace Seamonkey for its ease and convenience.

  4. CVL says:

    Courage ! La communauté francophone de seamonkey attend avec impatience la 2.48 ! 😀
    Je joins le lien où seamonkey est décrit :
    Un bonjour à toute l’équipe !

  5. DP says:

    Also from me: a big thank you for the great work on this amazing software!

  6. Romeo says:

    This is taking way too long but it is understandable considering how complicated the matter is. I just hope that we aren’t missing something crucial in the current release or security is compromised.

    many thanks and keep it always up

  7. CVL says:

    Merci le conseil seamonkey ! Le descriptif de Technifree a été modifié pour mettre les liens vers la version 2.48 😉
    Le voici :
    Bravo et bon été à l’équipe. 🙂

  8. Chris Kirsten says:

    Could not agree more with what Chris Briggs says. I’m on Mageia6 Linux and have just one problem. I cannot play certain video’s. I have tried everything I possibly can, but cannot get gnash or OpenH264 working after I re-installed Mga6. I get repeated messages that the browser is outdated. My foot! I am still new in Linux so much of it is caused by me.

    I have been using SM on Windows since I had problems with FF12 and Flash Player. There is nothing to beat it. Then you can also lose the update facility. It is easier and quicker to re-install Mageia (Linux!) with an updated Seamonkey. Even if I do it just for Seamonkey.

    Great work!! Thank you !!!!

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