SeaMonkey 2.53.14 Beta 1 is out!

Hi All,

The SeaMonkey Project team is pleased to announce the immediate release of SeaMonkey 2.53.14 beta 1.

As it is a beta, please check out the release notes at [1] and/or [2] and take it for a spin with a new profile (or a copy/backup of your production profile).

The updates will be forthcoming, specifically, within the hour after I’ve pressed that shiny red button.  or was it the green one?  😛

Best Regards,


[1] –

[2] –

About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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2 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.53.14 Beta 1 is out!

  1. ewong says:

    Green button was pushed. Updates should be available.

  2. Myrddin R Emrys says:

    Just wondering if Seamonkey will be changing terms from Master Password to Primary Password like Thunderbird & Firefox have done? I can understand why the change was made and it seems like a reasonable thing to do since current society still has not had enough time and/or societal changes to have had a change in relation to recent uses of the word.
    Anyway, thought I’d voice this since I know there’s active advancement ongoing with our favorite heir to the mosaic/Netscape line.

    And, yes.. sorry to hear of today’s passing of Queen Elizabeth II as well.

    My best to all.

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