Migrating off archive.mozilla.org

Hi all,

This is a heads up to all.  The SeaMonkey project needs to stop using archive.mozilla.org by year end.

So, we are migrating our files from archive.mozilla.org to a storage system on Azure.  However, I want to note that there are files there that I will not be moving.  They will most likely be left as is until Mozilla blows it away (or I do).

The only folders that are being migrated are the “releases” and nightly folder.  [I’m currently copying the files from releases to the new storage area, so nightly will need to take a back seat.]  The rest will be “decommissioned” as they are relics of a past that we can no longer go back to.  Tinderbox is dead.   Comm-* builds are no longer feasible/relevant.  Candidates are also no longer relevant.

I’m hoping to setup the new storage system as a ‘static’ page so that one can just go to (for example, https://archive.seamonkey-project.org/) and you can see both the nightly and releases directory.   At this point in time, I’m working on it.   The copying is taking the longest.

As the person who’ve worked on and around archive.mozilla.org, I feel sad to see all those files go poof. I guess it’s a feeling of nostalgia(makes me think of those years working with Callek to get the releases out on Buildbot) rather than actual utility.  Once Jan 1 comes around, it will be the end of an era and of course, the beginning of a new one.

Anyway, *if* you are interested in keeping those files, I’d suggest you download them as soon as possible.

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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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2 Responses to Migrating off archive.mozilla.org

  1. James H. McCoy says:

    Question about Seamonkey in general… has anyone been able to sync it with Google Calendar? I tried – but whenever I click on the option of “new calendar” using Lightning (which it built-in) – Google is mssing from the options… only options are “local” or “network”. I rather not have to import CVS or ICS. I know Thunderbird versions 97 and newer does auto-sync with Google Calendar after creating my GMail account.

  2. HM says:

    Thank you, but,
    Seamonkey is based on the too old Firefox core, so there are many problems with the increasing number of websites :-(. I have to use the original Firefox more and more often.
    Unfortunately I mainly use only the Email client, which is great compared to the current Thunderbird (whose UI seems unusable) .

    Sad, but anyway thanks for this E-mail client!

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