SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 1

Today the SeaMonkey project is happy to announce a major step in the path to SeaMonkey 2.0.
This release features many improvements, including the long-awaited Add-on Manager (like Firefox uses), memory footprint decreases and performance increases, as well as some significant improvements in website rendering and standards support (ACID2 compliance, and most of ACID3).
There have been some changes in supported platforms with this change, including dropping support for Windows 98 and Mac OS X 10.3 [due to changes in the backend]. And due to some of the changes, this release may be more stable on Windows Vista than our current version of SeaMonkey 1.1, even though this is still an Alpha.
We welcome any and all discussions on this alpha on our newsgroups, or you can even file a bug if you find one. Be sure to check our Known Issues prior to filing bugs.
SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 1 is available for download on the SeaMonkey website. Once you have downloaded and installed this release, we’d like to encourage you to get involved in discussing and reporting problems as well as further improving the product.
Thanks for testing and helping us to make SeaMonkey even better!

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7 Responses to SeaMonkey 2.0 Alpha 1

  1. gatolandia says:

    This version is very good, i don’t know when was added the extension manager but this feaure is good.
    The new icons are looking fine.
    This version have the option to resize the toolbar to small?

  2. Callek says:

    If by the option to resize the toolbar to small you mean the feature in (old) Moz Suite versions (the grippy), then yes. That feature is preserved.
    If you mean however, “Small Icon Mode” as in Firefox customize toolbar choices, then “not yet”. And hopefully we will have that available once we get Customize Toolbar Support; That support is being worked on and hopefully can make the final release.

  3. Andrew says:

    It’ll be great if I could right-click an image, while it’s loading about 10% or 20%, and be able to quickly stop it from loading further, if I think that it is not needed.
    I don’t want to stop loading all other images.

  4. Michael says:

    Two questions: will there be support for themes, and will there be an option to use the old widgets?
    Thanks for all your work.

  5. Justin Wood (Callek) says:

    By support for themes, definately; and even as easy as in Firefox w/ the Addons Manager (Themes “pane”)
    “option to use the old widgets”, depends so to speak, as most old widgets are completely redone, but the actual appearance of them is the same. Grippies are still there, Sidebar is still there, etc. Most everything looks and behaves similar (except in cases where updates fix bugs or enhance the feature)

  6. hombre says:

    I love sea monkeies!

  7. Dave Lanahan says:

    I’ve been using SeaMonkey for years. I cannot download 2.0.1. I get the error messages:
    9bary1i.dmg not recognised
    SeaMonkey2.0.1 not recognised
    I’m using OS 10.5

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