Support For SeaMonkey 1.x Dropped

In January 2006, SeaMonkey 1.0 was released, a 1.1 release followed a year later. Another three years later, the SeaMonkey project is discontinuing support for the SeaMonkey 1.x series today in favor of SeaMonkey 2.0, which is not only more modern, but also maintained for stability and security problems.
As the SeaMonkey 1.x series no longer receives security updates, due to resource constraints, the SeaMonkey team strongly urges users of that series to upgrade. Additionally, the team continues to strongly urge people still using the old Mozilla Suite or Netscape 4, 6 or 7 to upgrade to the new SeaMonkey 2.0 version. All these older software packages suffer from a large, and steadily increasing, number of security vulnerabilities because they are no longer being maintained.
Everyone on reasonably modern operating systems is urged to switch to the newest release available for free download from the open source project’s website at, providing the familiar suite functionality in a remodernized application with additional features and fully up to date security.
For the few who can’t afford that, a last 1.x release is available. SeaMonkey 1.1.19 does fix a few security issues, but not all known security vulnerabilites, some of which may even be grave. Those are only fixed in the new SeaMonkey 2.0, which will continue to be maintained for quite some time and updated for any security issues as they might arise, while the team is working on evolving the well-known suite even further in future versions.

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3 Responses to Support For SeaMonkey 1.x Dropped

  1. Nathan says:

    Well, that answers my question about SeaMonkey 1.1 support.
    I use a lot of older OSes for various reasons, and SeaMonkey 1.1 has worked very well for me all these years. Sadly 2.0 won’t work on these, so I will just have to keep using this final version then.
    Also, this version has the same problem with loading HTTPS sites on Windows 95/NT 3.51 that 1.1.18 had. (There was a piece of dead code among code imported from Firefox 3.x that pointed to a 98-only function) I’ve got a hack for that.
    anyway, good job SeaMonkey folks!

  2. Steve Bush says:

    I want to move as much as possible of my workflow onto my new iPad next week. I do lots of editing with Seamonkey, oh no! I’m guessing my workaround will be to load pages into google docs, type lots there (mostly text without formatting), then carefully cut and paste the new text back to seamonkey files later when at home on mac. Boy would seamonkey on iPad be nice! Any chances?

  3. I’m a mouse rather than keyboard user. Is it possible to create a desktop shortcut directly to my SeaMonkey email box?

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