Linked… and ready to rumble!

SeaMonkey Project’s blog has a link in the SeaMonkey project page (thanks for the website update patch, Jens!).  Under “Community and Support”, under ” Weblogs” section. “SeaMonkey Project Blog”.

With that update, it’s a positive step towards global domination keeping the project up to date and letting everyone know what’s going on with the project.  There are a lot more steps that we need to make.

  1. Update codebase
  2. Infrastructure updating.
  3. Spreading the joy* that is SeaMonkey.

(I’ve probably missed quite a few, but that’s the list I have right now.)

The question is… How?

General answer: We need more resources : time, money and contributors.

Unfortunately, no one can help us with ‘time’; but that’s life.

So that leaves money and contributors.

Money?  You know where to go to donate (

So that leaves the last one.  Contributors.  This is the one thing that pops up regularly when I talk to fellow developers and on #seamonkey.  We just need more contributors, be it for coding, triaging, documentation, infrastructure maintenance, etc..  Please read if you are interested.


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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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One Response to Linked… and ready to rumble!

  1. Great to see the Blog resurrected. I already mentioned the good news
    in the German language
    . I have 4 suggestions:

    Please add an inviting page where interested users can ask for
    editor permissions
    If not already done: Add this blog to mozilla planet!
    Change the design so that also author’s name becomes visible
    in the blog post
    Create a page for short introduction of the “Blogger Team”
    (Administrator, Editors, …)

    Rainer Bielefeld

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