Linked… and ready to rumble!

SeaMonkey Project’s blog has a link in the SeaMonkey project page (thanks for the website update patch, Jens!).  Under “Community and Support”, under ” Weblogs” section. “SeaMonkey Project Blog”.

With that update, it’s a positive step towards global domination keeping the project up to date and letting everyone know what’s going on with the project.  There are a lot more steps that we need to make.

  1. Update codebase
  2. Infrastructure updating.
  3. Spreading the joy* that is SeaMonkey.

(I’ve probably missed quite a few, but that’s the list I have right now.)

The question is… How?

General answer: We need more resources : time, money and contributors.

Unfortunately, no one can help us with ‘time’; but that’s life.

So that leaves money and contributors.

Money?  You know where to go to donate (

So that leaves the last one.  Contributors.  This is the one thing that pops up regularly when I talk to fellow developers and on #seamonkey.  We just need more contributors, be it for coding, triaging, documentation, infrastructure maintenance, etc..  Please read if you are interested.


One Response to Linked… and ready to rumble!

  1. Great to see the Blog resurrected. I already mentioned the good news
    in the German language
    . I have 4 suggestions:

    Please add an inviting page where interested users can ask for
    editor permissions
    If not already done: Add this blog to mozilla planet!
    Change the design so that also author’s name becomes visible
    in the blog post
    Create a page for short introduction of the “Blogger Team”
    (Administrator, Editors, …)

    Rainer Bielefeld

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