Cut….cut…. Take 3…

Wanna know what?

I goofed.  I messed up… a little.  ok. A bit more than a little; but nonetheless, I pushed the wrong patch (can I squirm for an excuse?  like…  gremlins?  aliens abducted my brain temporarily…though.. I don’t think they’d find anything great… ;P ) . This in turn, well… botched the build process.  Well, not the build itself, but the upload process.

Ergo… I now introduce to you all,  build 3.   I can tell you that this is the HIGHEST build number I’ve ever done before (and probably in the  history of SeaMonkey… *sigh*).

As I write this,  the Linux build was green and the upload was ok.  Now, it’s at the Linux l10n repacks.  Once those go green (here’s hoping), it will be my turn to work on the Win32 builds/repacks.  (Didn’t I say this was going to be ‘fun’ and ‘challenging’ earlier?… yup… I did… and boy is this nerve wracking.)

So again, we really do appreciate your patience, especially with my fumblings.  But, as I quote, ‘if you don’t succeed, try try try again…’



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