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Another update on 2.35.

1) build3 was ‘somewhat’ done but needs to be rebuilt due to  some misconfiguration on my part.  It doesn’t mean that  build3 is a bust.  It isn’t.  It’s just that it’s uploading  the files to the wrong places. (First time it uploaded was   to the nightlies tree. :P)

2) l10n repacks needs fixing.  I’ve been told it won’t  require a build4(read: Callek’s gonna do his cset magic),   but I guess we shall see.

3) Once the repacks are done, the *real* work is on getting  the CVS-based-system-now-migrated-to-Mercurial part of  the release process working.  But thankfully, this part  is automated, so I won’t be the reason for the slow down.

Again, thanks for your patience while I work on this.


NB: Due to my concentrating on getting the release done, I haven’t done a single Windows nightly in a while, and even then, it was in fit and starts due to tree bustage.   I humbly apologize for that (for the not getting a windows nightly released… not the tree bustage.  )

NB2: Comm-central AND comm-aurora are in a painful state due to a bunch of interrelated bugs, so there haven’t been any builds or nightlies in  some time.  While the patches are up for review(iirc), it just needs time to review them and I could do a post-land-review, but these patches *also* affect the Release builds and I think it was a good idea NOT to fix those bugs (at the sacrifice of c-c and c-a).  But once this release is done, we *will* fix the tree.

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    • ewong says:

      At this point, it’s too early to know what the decision is. I’m guessing the SeaMonkey project (unless we get a big boost of $$$ and contributors) will have to go with what Firefox is doing. I do understand this *isn’t* what anyone wants to read, but it’s really not realistic to expect a small group such as ours to maintain that large codebase (prior to XUL being ‘frozen’, as in no new development, a *lot* of people maintained it).

      That said, things can change… so we shall see.

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