take 2…

Here’s an update to the progress…

We’re doing a build 2.   What?  What happened to build 1?

Build 1 went so much south, that we require a build2.

So with build2, it should go as far as building the code and uploading it to the staging server; but then we come across the l10n repacks  (*gulp*).  I’m hoping it’ll go ok; but since our builds were busted due to changes in the mozilla-esr38 code,  I’m concerned there might have been other changes that affected the l10n repacks.  And this is all with the automated stuff…  The trepidation is there when it comes to manually generating the builds/repacks.   Oh, and then the latter part of the release process… the updates.  (*gulp*)  and updates verifications which require some infra code changes (due to the migration of our CVS repos (patcher, patcher-configs, etc..) to Mercurial. Oh what fun… [very tempted to sing Jingle Bells here…]

But as Gollum once said… “We shall see… we shall see….”



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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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