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New WIN32-Build SeaMonkey-2.35γ.en-US 2015-08-07 08:19 available

This build (by Philip Chee)  includes the latest security fixes like Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2015-78. SeaMonkey and Thunderbird do not ship the Firefox integrated PDF reader so we are not affected by this. However there are other security and … Continue reading

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Win32 l10n repacks …

I’m afraid the Win32 l10n repacks are failing to run and this means there aren’t any locales repacks (tbh, there haven’t been any repacks in a bit).  Currently troubleshooting why it’s hanging on the configure step. ;/ At least the … Continue reading

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SeaMonkey 2.35 add-on compatibility user experience

Hi all, here you can read why I started a new attempt at Newsgroup mozilla.addons.user-experience (on news server to get something like an add-on compatibility data base with the help of the SeaMonkey users community. On the same Wiki … Continue reading

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