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New WIN32-Build SeaMonkey-2.35γ.en-US 2015-08-07 08:19 available

Download areaThis build (by Philip Chee)  includes the latest security fixes like Mozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2015-78. SeaMonkey and Thunderbird do not ship the Firefox integrated PDF reader so we are not affected by this. However there are other security and crash fixes so do please help test these latest builds.


Win32 l10n repacks …

I’m afraid the Win32 l10n repacks are failing to run and this means there aren’t any locales repacks (tbh, there haven’t been any repacks in a bit).  Currently troubleshooting why it’s hanging on the configure step. ;/

At least the nightlies are ‘ok’ (touch wood).

Please stay tuned.



SeaMonkey 2.35 add-on compatibility user experience

Hi all,

here you can read why I started a new attempt at Newsgroup mozilla.addons.user-experience (on news server to get something like an add-on compatibility data base with the help of the SeaMonkey users community.

On the same Wiki page you also will find some “how to use” hints.

I hope I won’t be the only contributer again ;-.)