Don’t ask what SeaMonkey can do for you, but what you can do for your SeaMonkey

Innoffizielle BuildsDespite all big problems, we have a first unofficial  2.44a1 SeaMonkey Build – even localized with several languages 🙂

Please use this unofficial build for intensive tests, but be careful, create a backup of your User Profile before you start!

Most functions work fine for me, but:

Only for testing, you will use those builds on your own risk.

WANTED! Tot oder Lebendig. Große Belohnung!

WANTED! Dead or alive! Valuable Reward!

Who will submit the  second Bug for this build? Or confirm the first one?

The reporter of the first valid regression bug will receive a  coffee mug from the SeaMonkey shop — besides  a shoutout  on all communication channels.   🙂

The Coffee Mug Competition:
The goal is to interest new volunteers in SeaMonkey QA.  So well known key players like developers with more than 4 pushed fixes (for all Mozilla), supporters from  SeaMonkey:Supporters, Council-members, other users listed at dev/project-areas, /Modules/All#SeaMonkey (all: state 06.02.2016 08:00 UTC)  or users with more than 50 “touched” Bugs on Mozilla.Bugzilla will not be eligible. I will donate the coffee mug, and so I will decide who the award winner will be. The competition will run until the first valid 2.44a regression bug will have been reported by an eligible user, but not longer than until 20103-06 24:00 UTC. The decision will be final!  Good luck!


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