Yes.  Long time no post.

Why? Is the SeaMonkey project dead? The last was 2.40!  That’s a long time ago! (well, not really…  but long enough.)  Where is everyone?  Why has there been no posts or mentions? (and a host of other questions…)

Just want to mention that 2.46 is currently being spun… and by spun, I mean wrenched…  like loosening a very tight bolt that’s been superglued to the screw.

“What do you mean?”  some might ask.

At the start of the process, we managed to hit a few hiccups… well…not so much as hiccups but boulders the size of Boulder, Colorado with large signs saying “Stop… you cannot pass!”  (Hyperbole much?)

tl;dr (or if you wish, you can still read)

Since 2.40…  the releng team has been ‘trying’ to unbust the infrastructure to the point that things are starting to go green. (Yay!)  though we still have some l10n nightly troubles (bah humbug).   So with the desperate need of getting a release done, the project felt it was a good time to build 2.46 before something crawled out of the moco workshop to put a kaibosh on our release…  little did we know.

So, we (not really throwing caution to the wind… more like hoping with baited breath) started the build….

… only to come to a crashing halt at the 2nd step. (Moco *did* make a change to hg.mo’s infra (thus changing the fingerprint) and caused the build bustage as well as some environment variables  that should’ve been set but weren’t for some reasons (probably changes in the releng code that didn’t get translated to the release releng code…  my bad).

So.  2.46 will be out.  Just not today and my guess, not tomorrow either.  Sorry.   But since everyone’s waited for so long…  what’s a couple of days more? You’re right. Not a good excuse.

Please do stay tune to this channel… more updates soon as we unhork those boulders (hyperbole.. I know).


About ewong

I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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19 Responses to 2.46

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    • Heiko Mock says:

      Do you need any support with the Seamonkey Project?
      Please email me and let us see what we can do.

    • rtlewis1 says:

      Thanks ewong! To those of us who can tell the difference – and that surely means the rude people – we know that Seamonkey is, by far, the very best browser (suite) there is – period. So we wait a few more… cool!

  2. donkeykid says:

    Nice to hear this good news! I want SeaMonkey!
    Just can´t wait for a new release.
    Congratulations to development team!
    Can we download a beta version of 2.46?

  3. daniel says:

    hi ewong
    I hear your words but can’t really believe it.

    “coming soon” is a buzzword used by SeaMonkey since a long time.

    • ewong says:

      Fair enough that you don’t believe me. Just give us a few days. We are certainly working hard on getting 2.46 out.

      • ewong says:

        *sigh* a few days has turned into weeks.

        Quite discouraging to say the least.

        Sure, we expected trouble; just not *this* much trouble. Sorry to have to delay the release… this l10n repack bug is a pain (especially coming from someone who doesn’t normally deal with l10n repack issues).
        The silver lining is that I’m at least learning… albeit flubbing about very badly.

  4. I am a grateful end user of SeaMonkey. Thanks to all the developers who have spent hours getting 2.46 ready for release. I appreciate your hard work, since I dod not want to think of which browser I would use if I did not have Seamonkey.

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  6. TCW says:

    Remember, you can play with the non-official but stable builds of SM 2.46 from here: https://l10n.mozilla-community.org/~akalla/unofficial/seamonkey/nightly/
    Stable enough for daily use but, most importantly, security fixes!

  7. donkeykid says:

    I saw:
    some 64bit folders. Will be released any new 64bit version?
    Thank you again.

    • frg says:

      64 bit builds are planned but just not for 2.46. There are already enough problems with the build process. With luck either a followoup 2.46 release or 2.47. The 64 bit configs are already in the tree. If you want 64 bit just use Adrians builds for now.

      • Subversive says:

        Long time ago I’ve “switched” from official releases to “akalla” versions. Now I use 64bit SM 2.48a2 and I’m sure that it’s solid as rock. Few issues but they are not worth to mention.

  8. LuvKomputrs says:

    @ewong just wanted to say that I have faith that 2.46 will be released soon. You and the rest of the SeaMonkey council are working very hard to keep us SeaMonkey users posted as what is going on. And it’s well worth the wait. Those tinderbox builds that you mentioned are they stable enough for everyday use? Tried a 2.45 a while back with no issues.
    Gonna go to the the tinderbox builds and get me a copy of 2.46. Also wanted to add the I do believe in you and that yes, we will see a 2.46 very soon! And good things do come to those who wait. KUDOS to all the members of the SeaMonkey council!

  9. Monkey-Da says:

    Such pain wait more than 6 months do we. And for what?

  10. Thanks to the SeaMonkey team for all of their work. 2.40 is still working well and I will try the 2.46 version. Still love SeaMonkey and having all the parts in one program.

  11. dilworks says:


    Be strong guys, I’ve followed the entire saga of getting 2.41… 2… 3… 4… 5… 6 out. Let’s hope for the best this time. Seamonkey is the last hope for us power users in a sea of dumbed-down Internet browsing “appliances”, and so far it has served me very well. I’ve been a very patient boy, so don’t worry~

    Also, hope you guys can get Win64 ready for 2.47 (so I can finally ditch 32-bit for good). But right now stick to getting 2.46 out, to remind how great it feels to release something 😉

    (And for the naysayers/trolls: this is Seamonkey, not Duke Nukem Fornever!)

  12. LuvKomputrs says:

    May be a final release on its way very soon
    Am very, very excited about this. 😀

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