Update on 2.46

After 6 builds (tries), we are still mired in the morass that is l10n repacks.

For those who are curious, it’s bug 1231349 .

There is a workaround for this; but, it is considered a hack and not really solving the problem, which afaik, is basically the backend mozilla code having some repacking difficulties with the extensions that we include (DOMi, Chatzilla).  While we figure out the backend code, I’m spinning up a DE repack to test out the workaround and to determine if there are issues with releasing repacks created from the workaround.




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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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  2. zed says:

    we are long waiting user unlike firefox one that wanting update left and right – we will wait for you guy to figure it out.
    p s:not bad if add option to browser about this part ^^

  3. LuvKomputrs says:

    Thanks for keeping us SeaMonkey users updated on our beloved browser.
    I have have faith in you and the other members of the SeaMonkey council that you’ll overcome this hurdle and we’ll see a final release soon. KUDOS to you ALL.

  4. Hamid says:

    Thanks for your work. We, Seamonkey users, will stay tuned with all passion about our stylish modern browser, who has not sold its responsibility to childish UI changes and propaganda.

  5. George Crawford says:

    Thank the SeaMonkey team for all their work. I have used a 2.46 build for a while and have had good luck with it on one machine. Looking forward to the new release. Best browser out there and I still like the simpleness of Composer for updating a couple of websites I do. Thanks! :)!

  6. Chad Feller says:

    Thanks for the work Ewong. FWIW (L10n aside), build 6 is rock solid. I’ve been running the Linux x86_64 build 6 since it dropped on my Fedora 24 box and have had zero issues.

    • ewong says:

      That sounds cool that build 6 is rock solid. We’re most likely going to need a build 7 though.

      • EP says:

        so when will build 7 of SM 2.46 be ready? it’s late November 2016 and Mozilla has already released Firefox 50 last week.

        • ewong says:

          build7 is somewhat ready. The sec-fix patch has been applied and it builds (locally). It’s the repacks (specifically for the modern theme) that chokes. Since the modern extension is more of a priority than inspector/cZ (some may debate this), I have to get the repacks done for the modern

  7. Myrddin R Emrys says:

    We’re loyal and sending you our best vibes to have a breakthrough soon that will allow you to post the release.
    While we’re clickin’ away on the dismiss button @gmail’s web, we’re still in Your corner. I’ve been telling clients that it’s better to have to dismiss their notice than use something that’ll compromise your system.

  8. Seamonky Fanatic says:

    Keep it up guys. Don’t let the beast eat up your spirit 🙂

    Where would anyone in the world find a modern “netscape” except here?

  9. daniel says:

    it is very likely that 2.46 will never be released.

    unfortunately the SM team was not able to solve the builds issues for several month – I don’t understand why as FF is using the new build system – and now the stuck in repacking i10n package.
    In the meantime FF had been progressed further. Even if a 2.46 will be released soon the same problems will appear with the new version of SM which means we’ve to wait for another 6 month to get next version.

    The team should release SM 2.46 with the buildable i10n packages and forget about the issues with some package and after solving those problems issues SM 2.47 or 2.49 shortly thereafter to keep SM users otherwise SM users needs to switch the browser due to security issues in the old SM version.

    Even a english version of SM 2.46 may be acceptable if SM 2.47 with the other language will follow up soon.

    • TheCapnVideo says:

      I think you should release 2.46 without Chatzilla and Debug QA as part of the repack, Make it a two step install. Finish the 2.46 unpack, dump right into the add ons as an unzip overlay (R&R) if necessary to get the locale selected from a list. I know I have used Seamonkey since its inception and can count on one hand the frequency with which I use Chatzilla. I might even choose to not include Chatzilla in the upgrade process. Yes a suite is nice but a locale is only a skin we can change post install.
      Think of it as a Lightning issue “No upgrade for Lightning is available for SM 2.46. I remember a time or two updating and losing my email… that wasn’t a good day.

    • Federico Tomasello says:

      I agree. thanks for continuing development, but without releases users will go away. only english is much better than nothing

  10. jean quick says:

    seamonkey-2.46.zip build6
    virustotal.com is saying:
    AegisLab Htjs.Hdjsfn.Gen!c
    Baidu Win32.Trojan.WisdomEyes.16070401.9500.9714

    And, this file was new for virustotal. Is this a problem?

  11. dilworks says:


    Decided to give a spin to these unofficial builds (there are 2.47 builds, but I decided to play it conservative and stick to 2.46). Aside of GTK3 under Linux (yuck!), at a glance they look very stable.

    So… I’ll manage to survive with these until the official release comes up (at this stage forget about l10n repacks and just release en_US + langpacks, just like in the old times!)

    Security fixes can’t wait, everything else can… even if it means dealing with GTK3 UX disease :/
    Still, good luck, guys~!

  12. Hartmut Schwinty says:

    I had seamonkey 2.40 i update to 2.46 I can not send mails with different accounts.
    I went back to 2.40 – i worked again. Today I update itunes and I also got 2.46 again (I tried to avoid this in setting)
    and I can not send Mails again.

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