Face the music…

Hi everyone,

It’s been a hell of a long time since my last update and there are reasons.  Well.. just one.

I wish I bring glad tiddings… but..

I have spent the past three months working on l10n and just recently with the announcement of add-ons changes, I am getting honestly quite frustrated both in my ineptitude in figuring this process and how things are changing around the whole add-on situation, which makes us bundling Inspector and chatZilla all the more harder.

So, having spoken with the council members, we’re doing away with Inspector (DOM-Inspector) and Chatzilla as extensions.  They can be obtained directly from AMO (as someone whose used Inspector and chatzilla bundled, I have no idea about AMO so perhaps someone can chime in).

However, even managing to remove some pertinent vestiges of Inspector and Chatzilla from the build/repack process, I’m still encountering issues with the Modern theme.

I wish there was some easy way out of this and while it’s a temptation to skip 2.46 and go for whatever is next, I feel we’re gonna hit the same problems for the next release anyway, so might as well bite the bullet now.

Yes, I understand the frustration with the delay. (FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! 2.40 TO 2.46? )  And I do appreciate everyone’s patience with us as we deal with these problems.

It’s now December and soon… 2017.  I am still hammering my head against this proverbial l10n-steel-adamantium wall of craziness.  I’m hoping I have this sudden Eureka moment or that I find the kryptonium that will weaken this l10n monster and I get things released before the New Years.

Again. Thanks for everyone’s patience.  It’s been a steep climb while banging my head against the cliff-face.  *Awesome*.  <yes. sarcasm.>


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