Build number 7

Hi everyone.

I have just made a lot of pushes to the relbranch and have started build #7.

I certainly hope (while I have tested it out on the Windows loaner and it works) the whole process goes through the build and repack.  It’s the update part that I’m unsure of but I suppose we’ll get to it when we come to that part of the release process.


Over the past few months since build6 went bad, I’ve been banging my head against the repacking process; but had come to the conclusion that the extensions (as we know it in their current forms) were incompatible with the repack process.   Since the repack process my brain had a density of a neutron star and would require some time to increase its size to decrease the density, I figured asking for some advice was in order.

With the approval from IanN and KaiRo(from the SeaMonkey council), and despite my incessant stubborness trying to fix the repack, I went ahead and pushed the necessary changes and finally started build 7.  This build will be without the Inspector (DOM-Inspector), Chatzilla and Calendar.

Now…  it is the waiting game.

(which I hope won’t turn into the crying game… 😛 ) [unless it’s tears of joy…]


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