Updates and 2.40


First off, there are issues with the website not showing updates to 2.46.  That was my oversight and is being followed up with a patch.

Secondly, updating 2.40 to 2.46 is not working (as like 2.39-> 2.40).  That is currently being worked on.:ewong

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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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  1. Hales says:

    Tried to download 2.46 just now:


    I’m using SM 2.40

  2. @Hales: Without information on which webpage you clicked which link with the shown result we can’t do anything.
    Do you use noscript?

  3. Hales says:

    Hey Rainer,

    Apologies. I get the cert error when I click the main links in the green ‘Download Now’ box on http://www.seamonkey-project.org/ or any of the official build download links on http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/ .

    It does look like NoScript is related. Enabled scripts on seamonkey-project.org does not help, but disabling noscript or starting a new profile in seamonkey (without noscript installed) does prevent the message coming up.

    Perhaps noscript is replacing some cdn-related script with something of its own? I’m not familiar with cdn integration, other than it can be fiddly/difficult.

  4. tippu says:

    It was an update of looking forward to, but unfortunately 2.46 can’t be made a current browser.
    When it’s localized even if it’s no problem in English, don’t be better for it to be indicated. But only the fatal fault that I make a specific game (It’s PSO2 of SEGA company.) end can’t be approved. It was reported to SEGA, but it doesn’t seem to correspond. The game in which watch software like nProtect isn’t included is no problem.
    Unless this is settled, I can’t shift from 2.40.

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