Windows 2.40 -> 2.46 updates and SSE

Hi everyone.

This is directed to fellow Windows SeaMonkey users.

SeaMonkey 2.46 (Well, it would’ve started with 2.44) will not work with systems that do not have CPU SSE.  This is unfortunate as what ‘should’ have happened was we release a version which would “act as a watershed” to check for CPU SSE and report (in the case of not having CPU SSE) that the user’s system is not supported anymore.  That’s what should have happened (probably around 2.43), but since the browny stuff hit the proverbial fan (requiring us to miss 5 releases 🙁 ) post-2.40-release, we totally missed that opportunity.

So, as I mentioned in my newsgroup post, 2.40 users affected by this are stuck with 2.40 unless they upgrade to/purchase a new system; but as far as I understand, non-SSE CPUs are mostly pre-Pentium III era  (as SSE was introduced in the Pentium III) (got this from ).

I don’t know how many users are affected by this (due to lack of any telemetry or statistics in front of me), I’m hoping they won’t form a mob and come look for me.  😛

All jokes aside,  it is unfortunate that this needs to happen, just like the removal of support for OSX64 10.{5, 6, 7 and 8}.  But I guess this goes with the territory when things are ‘improving’ at a break-neck pace.


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5 Responses to Windows 2.40 -> 2.46 updates and SSE

  1. Flávio RG says:

    Hi…that´s the reason why i can´t install Seamonkey 2.46 in my Windows XP SP3? My machine is a Pentium III 600….

  2. SM001 says:

    Afaik SSE2 is required which excludes Ahtlon XP CPUs.

  3. EP says:

    Actually the win32 version of Seamonkey 2.46 will not install nor run on CPUs with SSE2 support as it was probably compiled with MS Visual Studio 2015 and any app created with VS2015 will not work or crash on systems with non-SSE2 CPUs.

  4. LaRue says:

    in seamonkey 2.46 I can’t send or receive email

  5. peter says:

    SSE biz – under windows for internal protected private use/ projects …..

    Please be certain that SSE and SSE(n) are NOT the same.
    SSE (null) was intro with PIII, but SSE2 with P4 … etc.

    LOADS of P iiIs are highly suitable for and are being used very properly with sensible projects — not polluted by ad media and the ludicrously greedy such like. Engineering /Education.

    SM 2.40 and previous releases need SSE/ PIII processor
    The non essential demand ( if it is) for SSE2 minimum in later releases, is a damn nuisence and potentially dumps excellent tech in the great waste bin in hell.
    Brilliant work from guys who are hugely appreciated.
    Big regards

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