Contributed Win64 builds…

Hi All,

I’ve finally managed to generate Win64 contributed builds for both the Installer and the zip file .

Since this is the very *first* Win64 contributed build, please run it with a new profile.

Disclaimer:  While I have tried it myself, I’m not able to test it out thoroughly since there are other stuff I need to do (enable Official Linux64 builds for one, getting the updates properly done, etc..)  Please do report here or the newsgroups as to how it fairs on your system.


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  2. Saul Luizaga

    Could you please team up with the 32-bit team and release stable 64-bit versions based on their stable releases? I’d like to use the 64-bit versions but not those experiments you release on, would be way better to release stable 64-bit versions there, you’re giving SeaMonkey and 64-bit versions a bad impression to the Internet

    • We don’t release on In fact, until now, I’ve never heard of The only place we release to is “”.

      I guess I need to step up the code-signing/gpg-verifying process.

  3. Previously they just picked the latest akalla build and now they are just copying the latest (broken) nightly build.

  4. Not much of problem I think, just incomplete work

  5. Why I can edit my previous comment? Anyway here is the link

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