2.49.1 is out

Hi all,

After struggling and fixing and struggling more, the SeaMonkey project team wishes to announce that SeaMonkey 2.49.1 is finally out!

Now… it’s fixing the infrastructure, l10n and testing..and updates…


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  1. So, no internal updater eh?

  2. Thank you for this new release.
    However, I still cannot use it, because of the Copy/Paste Bookmarks bug

    Would you please look into it?

    I am forced to use a very old SeaMonkey version because this is a major feature that I use constantly.

  3. Yeah, that copy/paste bookmarks folder bug is a PITA.
    Hope that gets fixed soon (either by me or someone else..)

  4. Cool! Hadn’t checked the blog here in a week but saw that the seamonkey update already made its way into Fedora!

    Thanks ewong!

  5. Thanks to all the developers!

  6. I appreciate the work you put into here. Hope the SeaMonkey project recovers somehow… I really miss the days when this project used to be relatively active 🙁

    Just hoping that XP will be supported for some time longer, given that this is an ESR type release.

    I would contribute if I was able to code but sadly I’ve not really got that technical ability…

  7. Bravo ! Notre descriptif est mis à jour ici :
    Vivement des versions esr 😉

  8. What about addon? adblock ublock not compatible for seamonkey now

  9. I am dying waiting for a fix to the SEamonkey page editor concerning image insertion and also the background image bugs. They work a couple of times and then they won’t work after about two images. You can no longer load images after you save.

  10. Is anyone interested in fixing the SeaMonkey Composer? I love that editor. I can’t find anything that is as good and easy as SM composer. Now the image insertion problem is making it impossible to use. Any news on that. ??

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