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The changes coming out of the m-c woodwork is a tad bit ‘difficult’ to keep up with, especially with the <sarcasm> huge amount of resources that we have at our disposal.

That said, future releases will be delayed (*sigh*  I mean even *more* delayed) until we get rid of all these monkeys off our collective backs.  Monkeys?  I meant (insert your disliked animal/insect/whatever).  Do note we will release security fixes, should they be required.

The list of required action items:

  1. Infrastructure migration
  2. Aus2->balrog migration
  3. Testing infrastructure fixes
  4. L10n fixes/revamp
  5. Clean up code
  6. Understand where we stand with respect to what’s coming out of the m-c woodwork and how SeaMonkey should ‘evolve’. (I have no answer here tbh.)

This list is tentative as I’m probably missing a few items.   While there are ‘only’ 6 items, the amount of work for each of these items is very involved so they require time and effort amongst the already hectic schedule we run on a daily basis.

As an addendum to this, I appreciate the work that fellow SeaMonkey contributor frg, and the guys at #maildev to keep c-c building.  Without them, SeaMonkey’s future would certainly not be too positive (i.e. biting the dust).  So kudos to their hardwork and effort.

As a contributor to the project, I would like to thank our users for their patience with us and I hope you guys/gals stay with us as we move forward in our quest to dominate the world! (*muahahahaha*)

(*sigh*  yeah … feeble humor… sorry)





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I'm a SeaMonkey dev/RelEnger and a bit of a buildbot dev.
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8 Responses to Re: Future releases

  1. Sanny says:

    And dominate the world we will!
    Thanks for the update and the work you and the other contributors put into this project.

    I admit I don’t know what those code-words on the post meant, but I trust the future will be bright.

  2. Daniel says:

    Ewong, as a long time SM user (and Moz Suite and Netscape before that!!), I would like to thank the SM team for the work that you guys do for us Users. I’m sure we Users realise that you guys have lives to live, families to interact with and jobs that take up your time.

    Sure, we would like the latest and greatest features working in SM YESTERDAY, but, if it takes a bit longer …. no worries.

  3. George says:

    Thanks again to all the developers. I still love SeaMonkey and have a hard time with all the Firefox changes that effect SeaMonkey development. Seamonkey is still an awesome suite and in many ways the longer release schedule isn’t a bad thing like the Firefox ESRs. Better not to have to upgrade your browser every other day with a new version like Chrome and Firefox.

  4. xrror says:

    Just throwing in my semi-annual “thank you for keeping seamonkey alive” post!

    Not being familiar with #maildev – is that involving Thunderbird, is that “c-c”? Sorry for the n00b question, and the ones that follow.

    I am always (very happily) amazed that you can keep Seamonkey going, as Firefox further moves away from it’s chrome/xml (and apparently even Gecko itself?) roots, which I can only guess makes it harder and harder to shoehorn into SeaMonkey?

    Actually, that would be a great post (if you have time/motivation of course!) to describe for the layperson/user like me how all of the (now) diverging pieces/projects (like, firefox/gecko, thunderbird, sunbird, komposer) and the pain of keeping them bolted together, and/or if that’s even how it works?

    Honestly, I really don’t know how a modern Seamonkey build comes together? I’m just happy it does, but it’s got to be painful.

    Would love more info or even your rants on it all!

    • ewong says:

      Hi xror, yes it does get harder and harder to ‘shoehorn’ into SeaMonkey if we stay with
      the status-quo in code. If we adapt everything to use the new stuff coming from Gecko,
      it would be easier to maintain; *but*, none of what makes SeaMonkey extensible
      will be the same (as far as my limited add-on knowledge can tell).

      Fwiw… Sunbird is dead, unfortunately.

      I or someone else will try to find time to post something along the nature of what you’re

      • xrrir says:

        Thanks for replying! Sorry I’m like 5 months late in a reply.

        When I wrote that comment, I was thinking that mozilla/firefox was moving away from Gecko and writing a new “engine.” I only just now looked up to find that, L10n isn’t a new core that mozilla/firefox is moving to, but an initiative for massively improving multi-language support.

        Before I was lumping everything from the seperate process support, nuking old school extension hooks, etc as “the move to l10n, a new core to replace gecko.”

        I might still be wrong, but I hope that makes more sense.

  5. Charles B says:

    Me & the missus depend on SM & Chatzilla. So now that FF wants to bail on XUL add-ons as of version 57, and how in the FREAK is SM going to evolve (and WTF is it going to evolve into?!?) — it all has me pulling out my hair. I’ve tested FF 57 Beta. Not happy at all.

    Aside from the rant… SO FREAKING GRATEFUL for any and ALL DEVS who work to make SeaMonkey and awesome Suite. If I saw you in person, I would definitely BUY YOU A High Quality BEER (or drink of your choice).

  6. Robert Pressey says:

    Seamonkey is usless because of duckduckgo malware.

    Starting his week I get the message “This Connection is Untrusted” on all searches. Witout Seamonkey I lose years of emails and bookmarks.

    I can not remove duckduckgo with many suggested methods.

    I read in a Seamonkey letter that Seamonkey made duckduckgo a defaalt search engine because Seamonkey receives money from duckduckgo for each click..

    Sacrificing Seamonkey for the financial benefit of duckduckgo is not not worh it. There must be another way for Seamonkey to survive.

    I suggest this mya be the Seamonkey. There must be another way.It is too great t fail.

    dont know who to contact in

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